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Video: HCAM News 6-26-2015

On this edition of HCAM News, Jon and his son Jonathan Hueber of Crosspoint Associates sat down with HCAM news to talk about the purchase of the former Colella’s Property and the CVS lease of space in the building, Center School had Patriotic pride, as they celebrated Flag Day, and Lifelong resident and retired firefighter Bill Hamilton presented Hopkinton History and Ice Cream at the Senior Center as part of the 300th Anniversary, but first CVS Pharmacy coming to the former Colella’s plaza was the big topic of discussion at the most recent Board of Selectmen Meeting.

Celebrate Downtown Hopkinton

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Positive Things Are Happening in Downtown Hopkinton! Join with a number of business and community leaders to

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Video: Crosspoint Associates Addresses CVS Concerns

Following the Selectmen meeting Managing Principal John Hueber and his son Jonathan Hueber who serves as Director of Acquisitions and Leasing for Crosspoint associates, joined me in the studio to address CVS related concerns.

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Video: CVS discussed at Board of Selectmen Meeting

Dozens took to the streets prior to the Board of Selectmen meeting to protest against a CVS Pharmacy that leased space from owner of the former Colella's plaza Waltham Based "Crosspoint Associates". A protestor told HCAM News: "It's a small town and a small community and we don't want a CVS here, we want Hopkinton Drug and that's it."

At the meeting residents got the chance to discuss the CVS with Selectmen. One resident criticized the Selectmen for not being more proactive in stopping CVS, Chair Ben Palleiko responded stating that it was a private transaction and the Selectmen have no control over it "we can't inject ourselves unless they need something from us, which in this case they didn't."

Selectmen Brian Herr felt the CVS lease was very sneaky and did not agree with the way it was done. "In my 14 years on the planning board, zoning advisory committee, Board of Selectmen.... I have never seen a business come to town and try to ram something down our throats as this current situation is playing out." Herr also stated that he would like to explore the town purchasing the land. Later in the meeting Chair Ben Palleiko had to ask Herr to calm down as he got more fired up about the discussion.

Town Counsel Ray Miyares was also in attendance to discuss the legality of the CVS and stated that the property owner Crosspoint Associates would have to go through the town if any location changes in the building of the liquor store or CVS were made. If the liquor license of the current liquor store changes hands it would also have to go through the town.

A few residents argued that CVS is more of a health institution than a retail store, therefore it would be a zoning violation for a CVS to open in the 61 main street plaza. One resident stated that there is a 2012 bylaw excluding health services. In response, Town Manager Norman Khumalo read a quote from land use Planning and Permitting Director Elaine Lazarus that stated health care facilities are not allowed in the downtown business district. "A health services facility is not allowed by right nor by special permit in the downtown business district."

An emotional Dennis Katz, Owner of Hopkinton Drug was on hand to thank Hopkinton Drug supporters. "This is an opportunity for us to thank the community for coming up and being supportive of us, it's very humbling, I never dreamed of this, ever. You've definitely made a change in my life, I thank you so very much, we are not going anywhere, we are going to try very hard, we're one store, we're not 9,000, it's going to be a heck of a challenge but we're going to stand up and take that challenge as best we know how."

After the public discussion the Board of Selectmen chair Ben Palleiko made it clear that no decision would be reached during the night and a lot more discussion is still to come, but the conversation helped determine what needs to be disscuessed in future meetings. The next Board of Selectmen meeting can be seen live on HCAM Tuesday July 14th at 6:45pm.

To see highlights of the CVS protest and discussion, watch the video below.

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Video: Hopkinton Drug Owner Gave Emotional Speech at Selectmen Meeting

Owner of Hopkinton Drug, Dennis Katz thanked supporters at the Board of Selectmen Meeting after many spoke out against CVS pharmacy leasing space in the former Colella's building. Katz claimed that Hopkinton Drug will fight to stay open. Watch the brief speech in the video below. More will be posted soon from the packed Board of Selectmen Meeting.

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Video: HCAM News 6-12-2015

On this edition of HCAM News, Hopkinton police received training on working with the autistic community, NBC Channel 7 Investigative reporter and book writer Hank Phillippi Ryan gave a presentation at the Hopkinton Library, Head Coach of the Hillers softball team Dennis Baker J.r. talks playoffs and the Girl Scouts of Troop #65040 talk about the African Water crisis but first after a fire at Carbone’s last month forced the restaurant to close to renovate and repair, about 4 weeks later the restaurant reopened for business.

Cross Point Associates Sends Open Letter to Hopkinton Community regarding CVS

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Waltham based "Crosspoint Associates Incorporated" purchased the former Colella's property back in March. Just a few weeks ago it was revealed that a CVS would be leasing the property along with a liquor store. Many residents are outraged and feel that CVS coming to downtown Hopkinton could shut down the locally owned "Hopkinton Drug" and will overall hurt local businesses.

MBTA to Eliminate Honor Box Payment Method

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The MBTA or Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is removing the "Honor Box" paying system starting next month. You will no longer be able to pay for parking by sticking cash in the little slot located on the honor boxes. A press release by the MBTA stated most customers are already using the PayByPhone app. In a recent press release the MBTA referred to the honor box payment system as "Archaic". The press release is below;

CVS reached a decision about "Snappy Dogs" Hot Dog Stand

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Owners of Snappy Dogs Lisa Volpe Hachey and Teresa Boyce are very relieved today as they received word that CVS will let the Hot Dog stand stay in business in their current space in the former Colella's parking lot. Snappy Dogs has become a favorite food stop for many locals throughout the last few years.

The CVS has been under much criticism from many locals after leasing space in the former Colella's since they are not a locally owned business. Anti-CVS petitions and online forums were started in Hopkinton.

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Video: Carbone's Owners excited to be open again!

After a fire in early May caused Carbone's to close for a month, they reopened. The restaurant has been open since 1933 and is family owned. Current owners, siblings, Peter Carbone and MaryAnn Lorentzen were thrilled that they were able to open their doors once again after renovations and inspections were complete. "Feels great to be open, can't wait to see all of our customers" said Maryann.

The Carbone's explained that the process was long and it took a lot of work to get the restaurant ready to reopen. Peter mentioned nearly everything in the restaurant needed work; "it was like a 4 week process of totally stripping out the restaurant from the ceiling tiles, insulation down to the carpet, everything went, everything was taken out of the restaurant and replaced or cleaned."

Restaurant Website Here:

Watch the video below to hear more from the owners.


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