Colella's Supermarket Reportedly Closing Their Doors

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According to local sources, President of Colella's Dale Danahy has announced that after 70 years Colella's Supermarket will be closing their business at 61 Main Street. The Market began in 1945 by Daniel E. Colella with the original store located at 34 Main Street. The market moved to the current location at 61 Main Street in 1955. Three of the six Sisters in the family currently still work in the business; Dale Danahy, Diane McGrath and Sandy Varnum.

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Video Segment: Hopkinton Public Library Celebrates 120th Birthday

The Hopkinton Library enjoyed cake, music by Fuze and also cupcake decorating and a magician for the kids as they celebrated their 120th birthday. Director Rownak Hussain talked about the event. "We worked with the 300th anniversary to coincide with their kickoff weekend...120 years we have been in this building and in the next couple of years we are hoping to be in a new building." Rownak is excited for the next chapter of the Library.

Longtime Adult Services Librarian and now Seattle resident Susan Marshall was in attendance to celebrate the library's 120th birthday. Susan talked about the beauty of Seattle and credited the quality of the libraries but mentioned that unlike library's in Seattle the Hopkinton Library is the heart of the community. "I wish I could bottle all of my wonderful conversations and everything so on a dreary day when I haven't had anyone to talk to I could just open the little bottle and say.. come out.. yay I'm happy again."

In the second video President of the Friends of the Library Beth Mezitt talked about some of the programs going on and items for sale the Friends had at Hopkinton Library's 120th birthday. The Friends of the Library fund-raise to earn money for things that are not in the library's budget such as the copy machine lease, museum passes and furniture. The Friends of the Library had various items for sale including Hopkinton wooden buildings and signs donated by the country plus store as well as wine charms. The friends are also selling copies of a book entitled "The Common Uncommon" by author James Ward, which tells the history of the houses that surround the town common. The Friends also had raffle tickets for monthly drawings of vegetables and herbs from Long Life Farm. Talia LaPointe volunteered fundraising as she will be running the Boston Marathon as a Friends of the Library Sponsor.

Some of the Programs coming up at the Library sponsored by the Friends of the Library include:
Wednesday March 25th 7:00pm - Chuck Joseph tells the History of Hopkinton
Wednesday April 29th 7:00pm - William Martin talks about his new Book "The Lincoln Letter"

Hopkinton Garden Club Speaker Series February 17, 2015

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On Tuesday, February 17th, Barbara McPhee will join us to present “The Buzz on Honeybees – A Fascinating Study”. Barbara has been a beekeeper for over 30 years and cares for six hives, an observation hive and five government research hives. In this lecture, Barbara will introduce you to the honeybee's world - their family, their home, and their work. Our honeybee population is undergoing tremendous stress leading to great declines in their numbers.

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Cyndy Shea of Curves Speaks on Latest Business Matters

In the latest episode of Business Matters, Curves owner Cyndy Shea talks to Tim Kilduff about owning her own business, personal training, and staying competitive in the fitness industry.
The full episode is available to view both online and on HCAM-TV; check HCAM-TV's schedule for dates and times.

24-hour "Spinathon" Fundraiser To Help Pets Get Needed Medical Care

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NORTHBOROUGH, Mass. --, a national nonprofit located in Northborough, MA, is holding its first-ever major fundraiser. The 24 hour "spinathon" event called "Pedal For Paws" will run from 10am on Saturday January 31, 2015 through 10am on Sunday February 1, 2015 at the Solomon Pond Mall in Marlborough, MA.

Up to 24 teams of 24 riders will be spinning on bikes for one hour per person in an effort to raise money for Pet Chance. Prizes, music and other fun will accompany the spinning, where riders are welcome to be as "competitive" or as "leisurely" as they wish.

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Video Segment: Hopkinton Highlights of 2014

2014 was a very exciting year in Hopkinton, The Hillers Volleyball team took home a state championship, Hopkinton cheerleaders took home a national championship. Also in 2014 new business was introduced downtown. The town was awarded in safety and for the school systems among other categories,
a few well known town employees retired while others were promoted. Also this year Hopkinton welcomed new Police Chief Edward Lee, a handful of Hillers got the experience of winning the Legion Baseball State Championship with Milford Post 59 and playing in the regional tournament in Connecticut
and many plans were put in place for further development that should lead to a very positive future and growth for Hopkinton.

It was a terrific year overall for our town and if 2015 is anything like 2014, the future will be very bright!

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Video Segment: Metrowest YMCA Developing Programs in the Hopkinton Area

Many business's were represented at the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce Annual Holiday Party including the Metrowest YMCA, Scott Umbel talked to HCAM News about the recent expansion of the YMCA in the metrowest area. "Our Y for the first time in a while is really launching into the Hopkinton, Holliston and Ashland community." The Metrowest YMCA is currently launching programs for teens including working with Ashland Middle School and promoting onsite programs throughout the area. "In The fall Season we just started launching a 10 and under tennis program, the focus of the program is on indoor tennis for beginners." Other programs include Basketball, Climbing, Archery, Snow Shoeing for individuals or families.

For More Information

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Video Segment: Chamber President Scott Richardson Reflects on 2014

The Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce held their annual holiday festivities, Chamber President Scott Richardson talked about how 2014 went for the Chamber. "The Chamber is doing very well, we kind of rebuilt ourselves, we have a lot of new members, we reinvigorated our website, we had a lot more networking events this year introducing new business's to the town." Scott also briefly talked about the objectives or 2015; "One of our goals is to increase the commercial tax base in town to help offset the residential tax base."

To Find More Information on the Chamber:

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Video Segment: Ron Eldridge Honored by Chamber of Commerce

State Representative Carolyn Dykema and Chair of Visioning Steering Group Tim Kilduff, had nothing but kind words to honor a longtime volunteer for many Hopkinton based organizations Ronald Eldridge. Ron was honored at the Chamber of Commerce annual Holiday Dinner State Representative Caroyln Dykema also presented Ron with a citation from the House of Representatives.

Ron talked to HCAM News about the event and also talked about his time as an HCAM volunteer. Ron has volunteered for HCAM for about 14 years, his work included broadcasting sports among other roles, he volunteered for the appropriations committee for 16 years, Ron also participated in various town government study committees including the voices for vision group. "I am very fortunate to be able to do a lot of things, I'm blessed with a family that supports me and wanted to see me helping out in the community."

Ron expressed how the community is successful because of the amount of volunteerism and the willingness of many to help others. "One of our former Selectmen said that town meeting was the greatest form of Democracy, I say volunteerism is the greatest exercise of Democracy and we have had a lot of people that stepped forward in civic organizations, sports organizations or town government that worked very hard to make Hopkinton a great place to live and work."

Ron talked about his experience broadcasting play by play for the basketball games at Hopkinton High School. He mentioned when he first started he was sitting in the stands next to a camera man and then years later they had their own area which enhanced the broadcasts. "One of the toughest parts of doing play by play is who you have for an analyst and for a while I had 2 coaches, Chuck Joseph and Coach Bliss, so as a play by play man I usually got about 3 words in, hello and goodnight and they took care of the rest."

Be on the lookout for the full ceremony airing on HCAM and on our website.

Golden Pond Absorbs Compass Memory

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On December 23, 2014, Golden Pond announced the merger of Golden Pond Assisted Living and Compass at Hopkinton. Compass will become the Memory Support Neighborhood at Golden Pond.

In a press release by Golden Pond, they said:


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