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Video Segment: Hopkinton Special Olympics and Hopkinton Police Play Annual Basketball Game

The Hopkinton Police department got a chance to test their basketball skills against the Hopkinton Special Olympics team. The annual basketball game between the Police Department and Special Olympics team was attended by many and a good time was had by all in a successful effort to benefit a great cause. Despite the losing effort by the Hopkinton Police Department, Coach of the Police team Phil Powers still had a great time; "It's a fun event for all of us, the Police Department loves doing it." Chief of the Hopkinton Police Department, Edward Lee enjoyed the game as well, with a big grin the Chief pointed out that the Police have to work on their Basketball skills "Its my second year doing this and we lost both times, I think conditioning was a problem, so we're going to work on that and maybe get a big win next year."

Hopkinton Special Olympics Program Director Alec Levine mentioned that the Special Olympics team and volunteers look forward to this game all season long; "This is the highlight of our season, we are fortunate enough to play an awful lot of games throughout the course of the year, we have been able to offer community games at Hopkinton High School, we go to the state games which is the highlight of many program seasons, but the real highlight of the Hopkinton season is this game against the Hopkinton Police Department, they are a wonderful set of officers and very respectful to the athletes, it shows the real community based support that Hopkinton offers its athletes."

For more watch the video below.

Faith Community Church Holding Good Friday Service

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The Hopkinton Community Good Friday Service will be at noon on Friday, April 3, 2015 at Faith Community Church, 146 E. Main Street, Hopkinton.

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Video Segment: Colella's Owner Dale Danahy Honored by School Committee

Colella's Supermarket was a landmark in Hopkinton and was one of the favorite local spots in town by many. If you're a local in Hopkinton chances are you visited Colella's and saw someone you knew. Colella's closed in March after about 70 years of service. Owner Dale Danahy and the Colella's staff have helped or provided lot space to over 30 Hopkinton organizations including the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Hopkinton Fire Department, Hopkinton Police Association and the 300th anniversary committee. (See more organizations Colella's helped here:

Colella's recently sold to Waltham based Crosspoint Associates for $3.3 million marking the official end of an era in Hopkinton. Dale Danahy was recently honored and recognized for her community involvement at the School Committee Meeting. Member Jean Bertschmann gave an emotional tribute; "you've worked so hard as a member of the community to support the chamber of commerce, to support so many organizations... get the school's into better compliance for people with physical disabilities." Bertschmann summarized Colella's relationship with the community perfectly; "Colella's really set the gold standard as a model of a family business, run by a family that includes the entire town in their family."

Dale Danahy spoke of the memories of seeing the community socializing in Colella's "it was great to see your neighbors shopping, when people didn't see their neighbors in the neighborhood but you would see them shopping." Despite Colella's closing Dale still plans on being a part of the Hopkinton community and supporting local organizations; "I will continue being in the town as a volunteer, I intend to go to the senior center, project just because, hang out at the library and read books that I have boxes of that I never had the time to do, do some traveling, I'm not going anywhere i'll still be around town." Danahy also stated that they tried to count how much money they donated to the community and that they stopped counting after they got over $1,000,000.

To see the tribute check out the video.

St. Paul’s Invites All to Holy Week Services

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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 61 Wood Street (Rte. 135) invites its friends and neighbors to join services being held during Holy Week. These services will be held at the church and will be led by St. Paul’s new priest, Rev. Gordon Schultz, and the new organist and music director, Karen Scheffler from Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

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Video Segment: BU Students Volunteer at Greyhound Friends

A number of Boston University students are spending their spring break volunteering at various locations throughout the country. A handful of volunteers from Boston University chose to help out Greyhound friends in Hopkinton. The students helped shovel paths for the Dogs and cleaned up Greyhound Friends. The students volunteered as part of an alternate spring break program in which students can choose to volunteer at locations around the country to give back to the community. Boston University Junior and Co-Coordinator of the program Gemma Forest explained; "Currently there are a bunch of BU students out all over the's a lot more of an affordable trip as well, so it's the perfect option." Freshman Co-coordinator Ryan Distaso also helped spread the word about the program and chose Greyhound friends to help out the animals; "it's part of our job to spread the word to get people interested in giving back and doing community service." Director of Greyhound Friends Louise Coleman was grateful for the help of the volunteers. Louise explained that it is great to have the volunteers and see young people volunteering during their vacation time. Louise also mentioned that Greyhound friends is always looking for help from volunteers including physical labor or computer work. Greyhound Friends can be reach at, [email protected] or 508-435-5969.

For more Information on the BU volunteers watch the first video.

All the snow has made it a tough winter throughout the region. Greyhound Friends has had many obstacles of their own including frozen gates, employees needing to stay overnight to take care of the Dogs and a lot of snow cleanup. Director Louise Coleman gave HCAM News an update on how Greyhound Friends has fared throughout the copious amount of snow that fell this winter. "it's been a terrible winter for working here and when it's been cold and awful all the gates are frozen, so you have to get a hammer to open the gates...when it's cold the dogs don't want to go out, they go out and run back in, it just makes all the usual practicalities of life much more difficult." Louise mentioned that she is grateful for staff members she has willing to stay overnight, her plow and volunteers helping with dog food drives. Louise also mentioned that Greyhound Friends was able to install a generator this year as well. "The Dogs are all warm, safe, happy and we'll just keep plugging along."

To see the full update, watch the 2nd video.

Help Wanted: IT Director, Payroll Manager and Van Driver

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Town of Hopkinton seeks an Information Technology Director - Under the direction of the Town Manager, this position will provide strategic leadership and vision to the Town, and in collaboration with the School operations.

Keefe Tech Students Win Awards

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Students from Keefe Regional Technical High School won awards in both the District III Massachusetts SkillsUSA Conference and the annual Business Professionals of America (BPA) State Leadership Conference in recent weeks.

Hopkinton Democrats are Called to Caucus!

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Hopkinton Democrats will gather on Thursday 4/9 at Hopkinton Town Hall in room 215.
The purpose of our get-together will be to select Democratic candidates for Hopkinton boards such as the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board, the School board, etc.


The only requirement is that you be a registered Democrat.

Please join us. The caucus will convene at 7:30pm.

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Video Segment: 2014 Boston Marathon Winner Visits Hopkinton

As part of the Desire to Inspire program which serves the goal to inspire through the Marathon, 2014 Boston Marathon Winner Meb Keflezighi was greeted loudly as he entered Hopkinton Middle School and at the High School, Meb was greeted with welcome Meb signs featuring the Hiller H. Meb talked to students about being brought up in East Africa at a time of war, coming to America as a refugee and what led to his road to becoming the first American Boston Marathon Champion in the Men's Division in 31 years. Meb encouraged the students to follow their deams and never give up. "You want to do something greater than yourself, you are going to achieve great things and you never know when that day is going to come, so you do the right thing, keep working hard and keep being yourself."

Meb won born 1975 in Asmara, Entrea on the Eastern Coast of Africa and grew up in war torn conditions, he came to the United States in 1987 at the age of 11. Meb discovered he could have a future in running while he was in 7th grade, he ran a 5 minute 20 second mile. Meb competed in many running competitions while in school, he graduated UCLA with 4 NCAA championships. At the age of 38 Meb Keflizighi became the first American to win the Men's Division in the Boston Athletic Association Marathon since 1983. Meb also set the record at the 2014 Boston Marathon, completing the course with a time of 2 hours, 8 minutes and 37 seconds. Meb is the only marathon runner in history to win the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon and an Olympic Medal.

Selectmen John Mosher presented a proclamation to Meb and welcomed the 2014 Marathon winner an honorary citizen of Hopkinton. Mosher summed up the influence Meb had on most of the country when he crossed the finish line first at the 2014 Boston Marathon; "An American who faced potentially career ending adversity but stayed the course became the champion of the Boston Marathon...Your heart and victories speak to us all, you represented us all, Meb you are our champion."

For more information watch the video below and tune into HCAM News Monday, Wednesday and Friday's at 6 and 10pm!

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Video Segment: HCAM's Hopkinton Coffee Break Celebrates One Year Anniversary

HCAM's "Hopkinton Coffee Break" celebrated their one year anniversary, the three hosts Patricia Duarte, Connie Wright and Darlene Hayes reflected on the past year. Connie Wright talked about how at first she was nervous; "for me it's been this gentle process of actually getting comfortable with being in-front of the camera". Connie explained that sharing opinions and conversations that she would normally have with friends, in-front of the TV audience took some transition and getting used to but throughout time has gotten comfortable on the show. "I feel as a group, we have grown and jelled, we have found our own and gotten comfortable, I look forward to the next year because I'm sure it'll be a progression in which we continue to evolve and grow." Connie is happy at how the show has evolved; "we've added guests to the show and have had a wonderful time including those people, we've made the focus on the community and what's going's been fun".

Host Patricia Duarte explained that none of the hosts came with professional experience on TV but it has been an evolution in development. Duarte explained that she enjoys the connections she has made through the show; "it's been a lot of fun, it's been a way to stay connected with things in town."
Host Darlene Hayes explained that through the show she has become more comfortable with herself through the show. "My thoughts have been a lot about personal enlightenment, becoming more comfortable with myself, being more comfortable on camera...talking to some of the people we bring in as guests wheather it's a state rep or charity founder." Darlene also explained that the 3 hosts have become very close friends through the show.

Darlene Hayes reflected on the growth of the Real Housewives of Hopkinton facebook page; "a lot of it, is how important the real housewives of Hopkinton page has come to community to the point where the chamber of commerce has reached out to us, the town manager, some regional heads of business's." Darlene emphasized that it has been great networking and growing the support of business's working with each other "it's very important for us to promote Women Networking together... and how we can all support one another." The three hosts have enjoyed doing the show and forming relationships throughout the community and thank all the supporters of the show.

Hopkinton Coffee Break Program Description:
"The Hopkinton Coffee Break program emerged from a Facebook page created a few years ago called "Real Housewives of Hopkinton" for local friends and neighbors interested in local news and activities. The Hopkinton Coffee Break takes the Facebook page to HCAM-TV where RHoH founder Patricia Duarte, her neighbor Connie Wright and RHoH fan and mastermind of Coffee Break, Darlene Hayes gather for coffee, goodwill and light conversation.

Real Housewives of Hopkinton" is obviously a play on words of the reality TV shows and that's where the resemblance ends. RHoH is a group of grounded, talented, nice women who share a common place. Married or unmarried, we are the female heads of our households and enjoy the company and camaraderie as mothers and professionals. The purpose of the page is to engage, inform and support interests. All are welcome. Members are free to invite whomever they choose. "Occasionally we get together for wine and noshing. No schedule - anyone can initiate a social event anytime. Guests on the show are selected by program hosts but we are open to to all the diverse interests of the women of Hopkinton."

For more information, watch the video below.


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