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A Message from Brownie Troop 65040 About Littering

Watch the HCAM News video as the Brownies from Troop 65040 explain what they learned during their anti-littering project and how they hope others will listen and stop littering.

Blood Drive to Help Save Lives

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What can you accomplish in around an hour? Well, in just one hour of your time you may help save up to as many as three lives by donating blood. And now you have a chance to do just that! The BeFree! Project and the Red Cross club are sponsoring a blood drive on the MLK Day of Giving Back, Monday January 21st at the Hopkinton Middle School from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Letter to Parents from Newly Appointed Interim Principal at Center School

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Dear Parents/Guardians:

I am very excited about my appointment as Interim Principal of the Center School in Hopkinton. I relish being back in the school setting and working with children, teachers and parents. I strongly believe that a strong parent – school partnership is critical to children’s success in school. I look forward to working with you for the next six months and helping the school make the transition to a permanent principal this summer.

8th Grade Parents Night at Hopkinton High January 17

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Dear 8th grade parents,

Please join us next Thursday, January 17th at 7 p.m. for 8th grade parent night. This is an important night for all parents of next year's incoming 9th graders. We will discuss the upcoming scheduling process for the 2013-2014 school year. The curriculum team leaders from all departments will be present if you have specific curriculum questions. Also, student council representatives will be available to give tours of the building. We hope you will be able to join us next Thursday evening at 7 p.m. in the high school athletic center.

Another Win for Boys and Girls Track

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The Boys and Girls Track teams both came out on top in the meet against Medway today at the High School Athletic Center. The boys beat Medway 68-18 and the girls finished with a final score of 63-09. Both teams remain undefeated.

"Some solid performance, especially by Ryan Bohlin in the shot and the 300, " said Coach Donahue.

Bohlin threw 44'11.5" finishing first for the Hillers. In other races, Derek Winshman finished first in the hurdles with a time of 6.8 seconds. Patrick Levenson finished first in the 1000 meter (2:54.9).

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HHS Cheerleaders Raise Money for Nationals

Here's an invitation from the HHS Cheerleaders to the upcoming fundraiser at Papa Gino's in Ashland on Wednesday, January 16th.

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What to Do If You Get the Flu

Watch the HCAM News video with Dr. Michael Newstein, MD, PhD, a specialist in Infectious Disease medicine at the Milford Regional Medical Center, as he talks about what to expect for the 2012 -2013 flu season, what to do if you get the flu, and when to see your doctor.

For more information about the seasonal flu, visit the Center for Disease Control website.

Why You Should Give Blood: "Mary's Story"

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From Hopkinton resident Jackie Potenzone:

I read an article in the news on the critical shortage of blood at this time and the need for donations. I want to tell you why I donated blood after reading the story, and why I'm now a blood donor.

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Field Rations for Combat Troops at the Veterans Breakfast

French toast, toaster pastries, and chili. Doesn't sound too bad, right? And thanks to a large amount of continuous research and development those options, plus many more, are now available for our nation's soldiers serving oversees. Many of these innovations are being developed at the Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center located in Natick. Representatives from the Center came to talk to at the Senior Center during the January Veterans Breakfast.

One of the biggest differences between what the veterans at the breakfast had when they served and what today's soldiers currently have in terms of food are options. Before the early 90s, soldiers basically ate what they were given in their Meals Ready to Eat (MREs). Now, there are 24 different varieties of MREs, and all of the recipes are tested beforehand and are approved by soldiers.

One of the biggest reasons for the change in attitude about food choices is based upon giving soldiers the tastiest and healthiest meals possible in order to increase performance levels in such a demanding physical and mental job.

Although both Natick representatives Robert Bernazzani and Patty Cariveau realize that the veterans in attendance may not have gotten the same food amenities as soldiers do now, they hope that the veterans appreciate the effort being taken to make improvements.

Watch the HCAM News video below to hear more!

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HCAM Insider: Week of 1/4/13

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the HCAM Insider segment for the week of January 7, the first Insider segment of 2013!

On Monday, January 7 at 7:00 PM, feature performer Steven Cramer reads from his book of poetry “Clangings,” in which the narrator suffers from a cognitive disorder, and also reads from some of his other works.

At 9:00 PM, a new episode of Manager’s Corner with Rownak Hussain, Director of the Hopkinton Public Library, will air. In this episode, Hussain sits down with host Chris McClure to discuss some of the services the library has to offer.

Finally, at 10:00 PM on HCAM-ED, the Ice Hockey team goes up against Medway in this playback from the January 5th game.

Tuesday night brings us more Hillers Sports games. Who will come out on top when the Ice Hockey team plays against Westborough? Find out during this playback of the game on January 8 at 10:00 PM on HCAM-ED.

On HCAM-TV, the Hillers Swimming and Diving meet against Norwell that took place on January 5 will playback at 10:30.

On Wednesday, January 9, Hopkinton’s Fire Chief, Ken Clark, will be this week’s guest host on The HOP Seat. Don’t forget to call in at 435-7887 if you have a question, or to submit a question through

At 10:00 PM on HCAM-ED, the Swimming and Diving team goes up against Holliston during this playback of their swim meet.

On Friday, January 11, the Hillers Boys’ basketball team plays against Medway. This game against Medway will first be broadcast live from the Hopkinton High School gym, and will then play back at 10:00 PM on HCAM-ED.

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