17th Annual UMass Medicine 5K Cancer Walk and Run

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Registration is now open for our UMass Medicine Cancer Walk & 5K Run taking place on September 27. Run registration is 7:00 AM and run start is 8:00 AM. Walk registration is 8:00 AM and Walk Start is 10:00 AM. The event will be held at UMass Medical School, 55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester. People can register or donate by visiting our website.

National Night Out with the Hopkinton Police Department

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Join the Hopkinton Police Department for National Night Out August 4, 2015 (5:00pm to 8:00pm) at Hopkinton Middle School

What is National Night Out?
National Night Out is an opportunity for community members of all ages to come together to strengthen neighborhood spirit, support local crime prevention, build police-community partnerships and just have fun! This is a national event happening in communities like ours.

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Video: Hopkinton Public Library Digital Magazine Service Demonstration

Hopkinton Public Library, Adult Services Librarian Heather Backman gave HCAM news a demonstration of the Library's digital magazine services. The Library offers a service called "Zinio" on their website which grants access to cardholders for 50 popular magazines, Zinio can also be used on tablets and smart phones.

Another services the library offers is a digital periodical service called "Overdrive" which can be used on the "Nook" tablet. You can find more info at the following link:

Watch the video below to see a better view of the services at the Hopkinton Library.

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Video: Camp Bailout 2015 Obstacle Course

Camp Bailout took place for the 5th straight year in Ashland. The camp allows teenage girls between 12 and 19 to explore what it's like to work in the fire and emergency medical service professions. The students in the camp put their skills to the test in an obstacle course on the final day. Check out the footage from the Obstacle course below!

In about the first 2 minutes of the video, head of the camp, Lieutenant Lyn Moraghan of the Ashland Fire Department explains the rules of the course, then you see the race to the finish!

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Video: HCAM News 7-10-2015

On this edition of HCAM News, the Hopkinton Senior Center displayed some very well crafted artwork from their various arts & crafts classes, we take a look at some photos from around Hopkinton over the past couple weeks, Water & Sewer manager Eric Carty and Owner of Weston Nurseries Peter Mezitt tell you about a unique way to conserve water and Ashland Legion baseball got a big win but first the newly renovated Sandy Beach opened for the 2015 summer season, here are some scenes from the opening ceremony.

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Video: Camp Bailout Hosts 5th Straight Year

Camp Bailout took place for the 5th straight year in Ashland. The camp allows teenage girls between 12 and 19 to explore what it's like to work in the fire and emergency medical service professions. Participants in the camp had the opportunity to learn and use equipment, talk to industry professionals and had the chance this year to travel to the Massport Fire-Rescue Headquarters at Logan Airport. Participants in the camp have nearly doubled from last year and many Hopkinton residents were in attendance.

Videos Below include:
In the 1st video: Highlights and Interview with Head of the Camp Lieutenant Lyn Moraghan

In the 2nd video: Highlights and interviews with students in the camp.

In the 3rd video: Highlights and interviews with Carly Falone of the Fire Explorers Program and Sara Jordan of the Hopkinton Fire Department

To see more about the camp: ClickHere.

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Video: Board of Selectmen take "No Action" on CVS at July Meeting

At the July 14th meeting Hopkinton Selectmen agreed to take no action on CVS. Some Residents asked Selectmen to file an appeal to block a CVS pharmacy from opening at the former Colella's Supermarket on Main Street. The Board of Selectmen agreed that at the current time they do not have enough information or grounds to take an action on the matter. Chair Ben Palleiko stated that the No CVS group should file the appeal and the Selectmen can jump in if they determine they have a case; "I don't think there is a strong enough feeling we have a case to make."

Raymond Miyares in attendance at the Meeting on behalf of Town Counsel emphasized it would be very difficult to prove that CVS is not an allowable retail facility for the former Colella's; "it's pretty difficult to make the case this is not a retail store...I would hate to be the one that has to stand up in-front of a judge and say this is not a retail store." Miyares also stated that if anyone wants to appeal the building inspector's decision to grant Crosspoint Associates an interior construction permit, July 25th would be the deadline.

Further discussion is expected at the August Board of Selectmen meeting. Check out highlights of the discussion in the video below.

To view the memo sent out by town counsel prior to the July 14th Selectmen meeting click here.

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Video: Hopkinton Time Capsules from 1882 and 1939 Unveiled

Two time capsules were extracted from the cornerstone of the Korean Church, formerly the First Congregational Church, one from 1882 and one from 1939, The time capsules were opened and presented at the June 23rd 2015 Board of Selectmen meeting.

A local Veteran Mike Whalen had to use a few methods to get the tightly sealed time capsules open but once he did some very interesting articles of Hopkinton History were found.

Watch the video below to see some Hopkinton history!

Chris Barry at the Train Depot: An Eagle Scout Project Revisited

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Come and meet Chris Barry on July 19 from 11:00 AM-1:00 PM as he talks about his Eagle Scout project that was responsible for the renovation of the Train Depot. Chris will be on hand to share his story while the Friends of Hopkinton's Anniversary Celebrations will be selling commemorative items to help support the upcoming 300th celebration events. Only a few months before the celebration weekend on September 11-13.

Please stop by to meet Chris, learn about his Train Depot project and help support the Hopkinton 300th Anniversary!

4th Annual Spinal Muscular Atrophy Fundraiser for Aubriana Navarro

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On July 18 at the Star Drive-In in East Taunton, a fundraiser will be held from 11:00 AM-7:00 PM to benefit Aubriana Navarro, a girl with type 1 spinal muscular atrophy. Spinal muscular atrophy is the #1 genetic killer of infants and young children. There is no treatment and no cure for this disease. 1 in 40 people carry the gene and they don't even know it. It affects the ability to walk, stand, eat, speak, breathe and swallow own their own. Twenty percent of the total sales on this day will go right back to the fundraiser.

Activities include:


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