Hoptoberfest Raises Over $30,000 for the Renovation and Expansion of Hopkinton Public Library

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With the overwhelming generosity of local residents and businesses, Hopkinton Public Library Foundation’s 2nd Annual “Hoptoberfest” raised over $30,000 for the planned restoration, renovation and expansion of Hopkinton Library.

Watch For Trick or Treaters

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The Hopkinton Police Department requests that all motor vehicle operators use caution on Friday, October 31, 2014 during the afternoon and evening hours when children will be out trick or treating.

Please remember that children may be distracted going door to door or have limited vision due to their Halloween costumes. We urge all vehicle drivers to use extra caution during these hours. We also request parents accompany their children and to use flashlights or have reflective clothing on their costumes.

Please make this a safe and fun night for all.

Today's Tip for Parents

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Help Your Teenager Learn Impulse Control

Research shows that the part of the brain that controls impulses is the part that develops last.
That means that during the teen years, parents play a critical role. You have to help your teen plan ahead. You have to be the one who thinks about and brings up the risks he might meet.

Here are some tips:

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Video Segment: Sarah Stoutamire "Nightlight" wins HCA Photo Award

Sarah Stoutamire's "Nightlight" was named the winner of the Photo Contest at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts. The image portrays someone waving around sparklers, highlighting the design the sparklers made. The judge of the contest described the photo: "For the mystery that it holds, in the way we see light graphing over time. "In the manner in which the subjects feet on the ground exist so ephemerally, it's speaks to the brevity of our human existence and it's touching in that sence." "This Photo embodies the mystery of the photographic process itself where writing with light in linear time creates a single frame allowing time to be compressed into an internal slot."

Sarah said she was in shock and had no idea that she was going to win the award and credited the other photos in the show stating "they were absolutely gorgeous." Sarah got the sparklers specifically for the photo shoot and took pictures of the various patterns she could create. Sarah used a Nikon d3-100 camera and set the camera timer for 10 seconds while she ran out to the spot with the sparklers to capture the image.

Sarah stated that she plans on studying illustration but plans on continuing practicing photography: "it's just a different way to express myself, but I will certainly be entering in future contests and I definitely want to experiment more with time exposure photography."

In the first video: Artistic Director Kris Waldman gives an update on the Hopkinton Center for the Arts and reads off the photo contest results.
In the second video: Sarah Stoutamire talks to HCAM news about the photo.

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Video Segment: Press Conference held about Bus Driver DUI after Hillers Cross Country Meet

59 Year Old, Robert Murphy of Ashland, Massachusetts was arrested Saturday Night (October 18th, 2014) and accused of drinking and driving a school bus with 25 members of the Hopkinton High School cross country team on board while on the way back from the Barnstable Fairgrounds in Falmouth, MA. Cross Country Team Coach Jennifer Fairbanks called the police after watching Murphy run 3 red lights and miss the exit off of 495 to Hopkinton.

Murphy had been accused of DUI twice prior to the incident, the state CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) check conducted did not include Murphy's prior offenses since they took place prior to the five year period the CORI check was conducted.

During a press conference held Monday (October 20th) at the School Administration building when asked if parents were angry and have they reached out, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Cathy MacLeod responded "Parents are very upset, we're all very upset, it's very scary for everyone in the school department certainly for the students, we are actively in an investigation, we have had constant conversations beginning all day Sunday into today. Our school resource officer has been interviewing all of the children." MacLeod stressed that the reaction from parents has been appeasing since the incident is being taken very seriously.

Dr. Cathy MacLeod talked about extra precautions that will be taken to ensure that a similar incident does not happen again. "Unfortunately this incident has resulted in me looking into how we can do things differently that reaches beyond state requirements. Moving forward it's not going to be good enough in Hopkinton for drivers to have any kind of record." MacLeod emphasized that the transportation department and provider have been informed that finger prints will be required immediately for all drivers. MacLeod also ensured that CORI checks on all drivers have been reviewed prior to the standard five year period and there are no other records compared to what Murphy had.

Police Chief Edward Lee commented on why the bus was not stopped earlier: "Right now the case is still under investigation, we have many witnesses we are speaking with including the adults and students on the bus. It's an ongoing investigation but we are certainly going to get to the bottom of that and find the answers."

Other questions asked included when the driver started drinking and if there were any signs of intoxication on the way down or if the driver could have been drinking at the track meet. Chief Lee commented that the help of the media and public is encouraged to determine what happened and help with the investigation. "We would certainly like to use the medias help to determine if anyone had any contact or seen anything at the location that raised any suspicion."

Robert Murphy has been driving school busses in Hopkinton since 2006 and there have been no prior problems during his time driving in Hopkinton. Murphy is currently being held without bail until a hearing Tuesday October 21st. If you have any information you are encouraged to contact the Hopkinton Police Department.

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Video Segment: Pumpkin Decorating Contest at the Library

First Federal Credit Union hosted the 2nd annual Pumpkin decorating contest at the Hopkinton Library. Weston Nurseries supplied the pumpkins for the contest. The majority of the pumpkin decorators chose to paint their pumpkins various Halloween themed colors including green, orange and black. Many creative designs are on display from the many participants at the library.

You can vote for your favorite pumpkin right now at the library, once a day until Halloween. Play the video for more.

Meet Julia Child at the Hopkinton Public Library

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On November 5 at 6:30 PM, come to the library to learn about Julia’s life, from her privileged childhood in California when she had no interest in food, to becoming one of the culinary legends of all time. The audience will have the opportunity to view Julia on the set of The French Chef television show, an amusing and fun experience!

HCAM Open House - 11/1/14

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As we celebrate our first decade in existence, we have renovated and expanded our facilities. Separating the studio control room has created additional studio space and allows for multiple uses at the same time. HCAM also began the transition from standard definition to high definition television.

Hopkinton Drama Students Plan Halloween Fun Fest

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Hopkinton High School’s drama students are planning a special Halloween event for the youngest members of the community.

The “Halloween Fun Fest” will take place on Saturday, October 25 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Hopkinton High School atrium and auditorium. The fun will feature games, activities, treats and entertainment by students dressed in non-scary costumes.

Children 8 and under are invited to dress up and join the fun.

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Video Segment: 2 Retiring Town Employees Honored and Plow Concerns Discussed

At the board of Selectmen meeting Tuesday October 7th, A few residents expressed concern after receiving letters that their streets will not be plowed this winter due to a dispute with the construction company responsible for road maintenance; however Director of Public Works John Westerling had good news that will help all sleep better at night as he stated all roadways will be plowed. "We met with the developer and the developers contractor and we agreed on the work that had to be done, he agreed to mobilize his forces to do all the necessary work in accordance with the punch-list and to be able to have the DPW plow your street this winter."

After 33 years on the job, Jean Scarlata retired from the Hopkinton water & Sewer department. Water and Sewer Superintendent Eric Carty had nothing but good things to say when tribute was paid to Jean’s service at the Board of selectmen meeting. "You will not find a person in town that is more friendly and more willing to help than Jean." The selectmen awarded Jean Scarlata a certificate to recognize her 33 years of service to the Hopkinton Community.

Sergeant of the Hopkinton Police Department Michael Sutton was also honored at the Board of Selectmen meeting as he will be retiring after 24 years of service. Although working with Sergeant Sutton only a short time, Chief Edward Lee had a lot of great things to say about the retiring Sergeant. "This is a huge loss to the Hopkinton Police Department" "When people describe him they use words like honor, integrity, he is a very disciplined person and great leader." "I've only known him for 6 months but he is one of the best Cops I've worked with." Sutton stated: "It's been a pleasure to work with the people in the town of Hopkinton and work with the Men and Women of this Police Department." The selectmen awarded Michael Sutton a certificate to recognize his 24 years of service to the Hopkinton Community.


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