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Video: 300th Anniversary Parade Highlights

The Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Celebration Parade featured a large variety of entertainment. Some of the sights included the US Navy Band, Hopkinton High School Band float, Hopkinton Garden Club, Hopkinton Center for the Arts, Mexico Lindo Mariachi Band, Shriners Motor Unit, Hopkinton Irish step dancers and much more.

You can see some of the highlights below and be on the lookout for the full HD version of the parade coming soon to our youtube page and on our website. You can also view over 600 photos of the parade here.

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Video: Hopkinton "Lights Up the Night" to Celebrate 300th Anniversary

Many gathered outside the Middle School and High School for light up the nights during the 300th anniversary celebration weekend. The night featured food trucks, live bands, Hopkinton trivia, as well as the photo project in which people wrote personal messages or Hopkinton related messages on their body to be compiled into a 300 image and donated to the town for display for all community members to enjoy.

Check out highlights from the fun filled night in the video below including the Metrowest Symphony Orchestra and the stunning firework show!

Weather Trends in Hopkinton: September 6th - September 13th

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According to the DPW weather station, the highest temperature reached in Hopkinton last week was 97.8 degrees, the lowest was 51.7. Average temperature last week in Hopkinton was 71.5 degrees. Humidity was at an average of 77.6%, the peak was 98% while the lowest was 28%. Wind Speed averaged 1.1 MPH, while reaching a high of 7 MPH. Precipitation accumulated 1.4 inches last week in Hopkinton. You can see all the averages for Hopkinton below and be on the lookout for future weather updates in Hopkinton.

Town of Hopkinton seeks a Fire Chief

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The Fire Chief & Director of Emergency Management, for all intents and purposes, and in accordance with MA General Laws, is a strong Chief and will serve as a member of the Town’s Executive Leadership Team. This is a highly visible position within the Hopkinton community. Exceptional entrepreneurial, strategic and operational leadership, strong collaboration internally and externally, as well as sound financial and human capital management skills are basic expectations.

The Town of Hopkinton seeks a Finance Director/Town Accountant

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Under the direction of the Town Manager, the Finance Director provides professional financial planning, management and administration for all Town financial operations. This work includes significant, diverse and complex administrative and supervisory work involving town-wide financial planning, accounting, budgeting, investing, debt management, and reporting of all municipal financial information. Work requires the ongoing development, implementation, monitoring and adherence to all financial policies and procedures.

Hopkinton Center for the Arts Classes Starting Soon

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The Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Celebration this past weekend was spectacular--we hope you had a chance to enjoy all or part of the festivities. As part of the parade on Sunday, the Hopkinton Center for the Arts was honored to receive the award for Best Float!

Thanks to all of our volunteers, especially to Keith Rowe, David Lowell Stathis Feizidis, Erin LaPrad, Beth and Danny Gallant, and the Potapov family for all their help making this happen. We truly couldn't have put together such an amazing float without you!

MEMA Issues Power Outage Safety Tips

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Throughout this hurricane season the Hopkinton Emergency Management Group (HEMG) and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) urge residents to prepare for the possible impacts of a hurricane or tropical storm. These storms can bring strong winds that cause widespread power outages.

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Video: Sculptor Jeff Buccacio talks Claflin Fountain Restoration

Sculptor Jeff Buccacio of Buccacio Sculpture Studio out of Natick was the sculptor chosen to head the project to restore the Claflin Fountain. The project took months of planning and work but turned out to be a terrific display for the Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Celebration weekend. Before installing the fountain Jeff and his team looked at historic photos to remake missing or deteriorated pieces from the original fountain. Buccacio mentioned that the original fountain was pulled in March and his team worked on restoring and making repairs since.

In the video below, Jeff talked about the many details that were involved in the long process of installing the restored Claflin Fountain. The original fountain was installed in 1907 and funded by Charles L. Claflin to honor his parents Charles Winslow and Maria Claflin.

Hopkinton Featured As A Municipal Partner Of Metrofest

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The Town of Hopkinton will be featured as a Municipal Partner at MetroFest, the regional arts, music, and food truck festival taking place in Framingham on September 26, 2015.

As a Municipal Partner, the town will utilize a 50-foot exhibitor space to showcase the town’s many cultural assets, including Hopkinton Center for the Arts and Woodville Maples.

Increase Your Medicare IQ

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Are you approaching your 65th birthday? Are you over 65 and still working? Needing information for your parents?

If you will be signing up for Medicare for the first time...
- What does Part A cover?
- What isn't covered?
- What are the deductibles? Copays?
- And what about Parts B, C, and D?
- I've heard about Medigap. What is it?

If you are on Medicare now...
- Have your prescriptions changed?
- When did you last review your options?
- Has your physician network changed?


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