Timlin Race Tomorrow

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8th Annual Sharon Timlin Memorial Event
Saturday June 18, 2011 8:30 AM
5K sold out!

• New this year: Event goes green!!! To check out sustainability initiatives, Click Here.

Timlin Race Still Looking for Volunteers

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Volunteers are still needed for the Sharon Timlin Race on this Saturday, June 18th.

"I'm helping the race go green this year," said Jayashree Dattar. "I guess all of you are thinking someone else has already volunteered, but I need you!! "

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Golf Ball Drop Raises $6000

The Hopkinton Eduation Foundation (HEF) held its annual Golf Ball Drop on June 10th. The Foundation raises money to fund grants given to Hopkinton teachers that help iimplement innovative teaching methods in the classroom.

"By having an event like this, besides having a great community afternoon, we help raise funds that will add different things our schools and allow teachers to add things that would not normally be funded within the budget."

Selectmen Support Ice Hockey Rink Proposal

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Parks and Recreation Commission Chair Ken Driscoll and Demons Youth Hockey President Jack Bloomer made their pitch for an ice hockey rink in Hopkinton to selectmen at their meeting on Tuesday, June 14. Working together in a public/private partnership, the two groups propose to construct an ice rink on the land at Legacy Farms designated as recreational at no cost to taxpayers.

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Record Profit at Library Book Sale

The Friends of the Library Book Sale, held over the weekend, was a big success. In fact, it was the best yet, clearing just over $2600.00.

The book sale is the Friends biggest fundraiser and a lot of work goes into getting ready for the two day event. Books are sorted, boxed and carried up the narrow basement stairs bucket brigade style. Loaded on carts, the books then make their way to the main room to be displayed on tables.

Books are sold at greatly reduced rates and on Sunday, it was bag day. For just $5, you can buy as many books that can fit in a brown paper bag.

Timlin Race Needs Volunteers to Go Green

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This year the Sharon Timlin 5K Race for ALS is going green. We have partnered with FitPlanet to get the race "Green Certified' and need to meet a list of minimum requirements to make this happen. We are looking for volunteers for various green jobs on race day.

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Meet Meredith Prunty

From a role in Michael and Marisa’s anti-bullying music video "The Same" where she plays a student who is bullied, local resident and high school freshman and cheerleader, Meredith Prunty, is on to bigger and better things. Spotted by the directors at Toronto Pictures, an independent motion picture development, production and distribution company, Meredith will soon be appearing in their upcoming film “Abused in America”, a major motion picture that explores the horrible phenomenon of child abuse in the United States. Prunty will travel to Romania at the end of June to play Valerie, a runaway teen trying to make it on the streets.

So how does a local Hopkinton student end up making a movie in Romania? According to Meredith, it all started with her grandmother, Donna Glee Reim. Reim began acting four years ago, after stopping work as a psychiatric nurse. She has worked in over 20 films and has encouraged her granddaughter to act as well.

“She decided to bring me to an audition one day and I decided I really liked it,” said Meredith who has now been acting for about one year.

According to the Executive Producer of “Abused in America” Daria Trifu, Meredith was selected for the role of Valerie for several reasons.

“We cast Meredith Prunty in the movie not only for her talent as an actress and physical attributes, but also for her intelligence,” said Trifu.

In addition to her acting, Meredith is also a cheerleader and involved with social causes such as anti-bullying. She believes that bullying can be stopped if it is talked about and confronted.

“All it takes is someone to stand up to a bully,” said Prunty.

In addition to her role in the music video “The Same”, Prunty is also involved with other social causes and recently took part in a photo shoot as part of the NOH8 Campaign, a photographic silent protest created in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California.

“We were there to support them,” said Prunty. “It was a wonderful experience.”

Meredith plans to continue with all her activities and has devised a schedule to help get everything done.

“It definitely takes some time management,” said Prunty, “and my mom helps with that.”

But she plans to continue acting and doing what she loves.

UPDATE: Since her interview at the HCAM Studio, Meredith has continued to keep busy. She’s spent some time on the set of a Lifetime made for TV movie "Broken Silence" a film which deals with bullying, sexting and high school drama and also on the set of the movie "I Hate you Dad" starring Adam Sandler which is currently filming in the Boston area. She was also cast in the role as "Young Lacey Sullivan" in the locally filmed New England movie "Mark of the Dog Rose". Meredith is looking forward to another year with the Lady Hiller Cheerleaders and has recently made the level 5 All Star team with the Cheerfactor Gym located in Foxboro, MA.

To learn more, you can also join Meredith's Facebook Fan Page.

Watch the video below to see the complete interview with Meredith in the HCAM-TV Studio!

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Friends of the Library Book Sale This Weekend

Volunteers have been hard at work preparing for Friends of the Hopkinton Public Library's annual book sale being held this Saturday and Sunday. Members of Friends of the Library will have the opportunity to purchase books an hour before the sale opens up to the public on Saturday.

"You can renew your membership, if you've let it lapse, or you can join at the door if you're not currently a member," said Nancy Baker-Fowler.

Customers who come on Sunday will be treated to something extra special as they will have the opportunity to fill up a paper bag with anything that fits for $5.

Photos Available at Scene in Hopkinton

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Here at HCAM, we've been busy covering lots of local events; the Junior Prom, Grand March, Senior Recognition NIght and Graduation, just to name a few. And we have lots of photographs available on our photo website Scene in Hopkinton.

Did you get all the photos you needed? If not, check out Scene in Hopkinton and see what's there. All photos can be easily ordered online and shipped directly to you, and all for only $.21 for a 4x6 copy.


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