A Message from Chief Clark

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Your Public Safety Agencies and the DPW would like your support and cooperation in the following area(s); we strongly recommend that all residences with natural gas, propane and oil fired appliances insure that all make up air, vent pipes and flues at grade level are free of snow. Insure Carbon Monoxide detectors are functioning and be aware that exposure to Carbon Monoxide can produce flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, confusion and fainting. Please call 911 if you need assistance with locating and or clearing these devices.

HMS Assistant Principal Maryellen Grady to Run 2015 Boston Marathon for Sky’s the Limit Courtyard Project

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On April 20th 2015 Maryellen Grady will lace up her running shoes to benefit the Sky’s the Limit Courtyard Project.

Grady, the driving force behind the Hopkinton Middle School courtyard project, is doing her part to raise the funds needed to transform the unused courtyard into a vibrant, outdoor learning space.

“This is the perfect opportunity to combine two of my goals,” said Grady. “I’ve had a dream to officially run the Boston Marathon and to see the Sky’s the Limit Courtyard completed. I thought, ‘If I’m going to run the marathon, now’s the perfect time!’”

Massachusetts Governor Declares State of Emergency

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Associated Press Report: FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (AP) — Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has declared a state of emergency and banned all non-essential motor vehicle travel during the approaching blizzard.

Baker said Monday the state of emergency is effective immediately and the non-essential travel ban goes into effect at midnight.

The governor also said the MBTA planned to suspend service on Tuesday. He said he had pre-positioned 500 members of the National Guard to be quickly deployed if needed.

Hopkinton Cancellations and Event Changes due to Weather

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--Town Hall, Library and Senior Center Delayed Opening until Noon on 01/28/2015 Due to Storm

--Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker issues State Wide Travel Ban until Midnight Tuesday 1/27

--Connecticut Governor issues State Wide Travel Ban after 9pm

--All Flights in and out of Logan Airport will be Canceled as early as 7:30pm Tonight

--The MBTA will shutdown at midnight tonight (Mon 1/26) and there will be no service Tuesday.

--Hopkinton Library will close at 5pm today and reopen Wednesday at TBD

Help Shovel a Hydrant

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The Water and Fire Department requests your assistance, in maintaining accessibility to the town's fire hydrants, for the safety and protection of everyone. During the winter hydrants can become buried by snow during a storm. If you have a fire hydrant that that is near your home, please help us make it visible and accessible to the Fire Department for use in an emergency. Precious seconds can be lost, searching for the hydrant or removing snow to gain access to it. Talk with your neighbors about taking turns shoveling around the hydrant in winter.

2015 Blizzard Timeline

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A blizzard will be hitting the area tonight and is expected to last until early Wednesday morning. Parts of Eastern and Central Massachusetts could see 2, even 3 feet of snow.

The storm is expected to start during the commute this evening. Snowfall will be light during the commute and 1-2 inches are expected. The storm is expected to hit it's peak at approximately 1 am Tuesday morning until 10 am Tuesday and 12-18 inches are expected to fall in the 9 hour period. Thunderstorms and strong winds 30-40mph with gusts up to 80 mph are possible.

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Video Segment: Martin Luther King Day Activities take place throughout Hopkinton

The American Federal holiday of Martin Luther King Day is to honor a man who took a stand for equality and wanted nothing more than peace and for people to be kind and help each other. Many students throughout the Hopkinton School system and community members represented what Martin Luther King J.R. stood for as they took their day off and made it a "Day On", Chair of the Hopkinton Youth Commission Margie Wiggin explained; "These kids could be at home sleeping...hanging out with their friends at the mall but they're here, they're volunteering, giving service, making fleece blankets, writing valentines for seniors in town, writing letters to service men and women, serving at the historical society building, cleaning trash in the school parking lots, they're giving back, they're making it a day on instead of a day off because they're volunteering their time."

The Day On program hosted by the Hopkinton Youth Commission has existed for more than 4 years, Wiggin explained it used to be more of an in-house activity but they expanded the program to further help the community. Activities that took place during the "Day On Program" Martin Luther King Day included; A Red Cross Blood Drive at the Middle School Cafeteria. In the Brown Gymnasium at the Middle School activities included; Blanket Making and Valentines Day Card making for Seniors, writing letters to troops serving in the military, creating mittens for wounded animals, volunteering at the Hopkinton Historical Society, cleaning school grounds and making various artwork, necklaces and other jewelry for charitable causes.

Watch the videos to hear the interview with Margie Wiggin and see the volunteers in action.

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Video Segment: Hopkinton's 300th Anniversary Preview

300 years ago was the year 1715 and it was the year Hopkinton officially incorporated. The 300th Anniversary Committee recently mailed a program guide to all Hopkinton residents. The guide highlights the historic celebration and all the events that will take place throughout the year to celebrate Hopkinton’s 300th Birthday. The guide also features historical facts about Hopkinton and information on the Boston Marathon, Hopkinton Public Library, Social and Recreational Activities, Hopkinton Public Schools, Industry and Commerce, Town Governance and much more.

The events kickoff Friday January 23rd at 7:00pm in Hopkinton High School Auditorium with the Opening Ceremony. The first baby born in the new year and Hopkinton's oldest resident will be recognized. Speakers at the opening ceremony include; Town Manager Norman Khumalo, Liutenant Governor Karyn Polito, Senator Karen Spilka, Board of Selectmen Chair Todd Cestari and Mass Representative Carolyn Dykema. Saturday January 24th at 1:00pm is the 2nd event of the kickoff weekend as the Hopkinton Library will celebrate their 120th anniversary.

Michelle Murdock of the 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee explained the guide as a roadmap to the many events surrounding Hopkinton's 300th birthday. Murdock explained many various events were planned to fit everyone's interests such as historical events, parades and sporting events.

Chair of the 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee Jean Bertschmann mentioned that the guide will be kept in the town records at the library, historical society and Town Hall as a historical souvenir of Hopkinton at the conclusion of the year.

For the full list of events and further details about Hopkinton's 300th Birthday Celebration go to

Half Day Retreats at Fatima Shrine

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The Xaverian Missionaries at Fatima Shrine in Holliston are offering monthly half day RETREATS on themes for the celebration of Consecrated Life, called by Pope Francis from now until February 2016 as well as from the Document of Vatican II on Mission, also in its 50th year. These retreats will take place at the Shrine on the Second Sunday of each Month (except May 3rd) giving those who come an opportunity to celebrate the many ways that Mission can be expressed and lived, proclaiming the Lord Jesus to all God’s people. Come to share the many Mission Stories of Faith and Service.

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Video Segment: ESBC Gives Public Update on Progress at Hopkinton Library

At a public session in the Hopkinton Library the Elementary School Building Committee made it clear that now is the time to give your input on what you think about the project locations and designs and what your preference would be.

Chair Joe Markey explained; "If you want to weigh in on which location is best, now is the only time to do that, by the end of February, early March the latest, we will have concluded our evaluation with community input and expertise from the team. Right now we are looking at 4 locations, 11 different options at those 4 locations, by another 6-8 weeks from now we will have one choice and that is what will be going to town meeting, so we need people to get involved and buy in and help us make the choice that we feel is going to work and be well received at that vote during town meeting."

Chair Joe Markey explained you can see the proposed sites and give your thoughts or opinions to the ESBC by a number of ways including their website , their Facebook page; and you can find them on Twitter @hopkintonESBC. You can also see all ESBC meetings and updates on The sites are currently on display at the Hopkinton Library.

The progress of the ESBC with the school project was broken down into 8 Module's; 1) Eligibility Period, 2) Forming the Project Team 3) Feasibility Study, 4) Schematic Design, 5) Seeking Project Funding at Town Meeting, 6) Detailed Design, 7) Construction, 8) Completing the Project. Right now the ESBC is at Module 3 which is the Feasibility Study. Markey Explained; "Over the past year we have been forming the project team, right now we have completed the phase of forming the project team...In town meeting May 2013 Hopkinton funded $600,000, now that we're at the point of doing engineering evaluation of sites working with architects and project managers, we are now starting to use that money to execute the feasibility study. A portion of that will be reserved for the detailed schematic design on our one chosen site."

One of the questions asked was about if there was budget variation among the possible sites of the new school. Compass Project Manager Jeff D' Amico explained that the budget has not been established and part of the process at the stage they are currently at is to gather information about the sites to determine a budget for the different site options.

To watch the entirety of any of the Elementry School Building Committee updates head to and dont forget you can see all ESBC meetings live on HCAM.


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