Town Hall Roof Inspection

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To All Residents and Visitors:

Please note that an Aerial Drone is scheduled to be used for a roof inspection of the Town Hall the week of August 31st. Repairs to the roof will follow the inspection and are scheduled to be completed the week of September 7th.

There are no concerns with using the front entrance to Town Hall during the inspection but it may be closed for a short time when the repairs are underway.

All costs associated with the inspection and repairs are covered through an insurance claim.

Hopkinton CFO Resigns to Pursue New Career Objectives

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On Friday, August 28, 2015, Finance Director Christopher Howell submitted, and I have accepted, his resignation from his position with the Town of Hopkinton effective September 4, 2015. He has decided to pursue other opportunities for the next stage of his career. He advises me that serving the Town in the role of CFO has been rewarding for him personally and professionally. I have come to know and value Chris as a very pleasant and likable person. I wish him the best in his professional endeavors.


Norman Khumalo
Town Manager

Hopkinton Public Library Needs Your Support!

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Attend the Planning Board Public Hearing - Monday, August 24 at 8:30 pm at Town Hall
The library expansion and renovation project continues to gather the approvals needed to break ground this winter. As another public hearing approaches, the project needs your support to keep moving forward as quickly and smoothly as possible! We encourage residents to attend the Planning Board's public hearing to approve the library's site plan at 8:30 pm on Monday, August 24 at Town Hall.

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Video: Business on Hayden Rowe Street proposed Zoning Change

At the August 10th Planning Board meeting, owners of 79, 81 and 83 Hayden Rowe Street presented a plan to the board to change their zoning from "Residence B" to "Business". Their argument was based on allowing owners to make minor changes to their property and would allow them to be in zoning more suitable to their purpose as the properties are currently used for business purposes. 79 Hayden Rowe Street is the home of "Hopkinton Pediatric Dental Associates Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics".

Some of the objections of the board was if the neighbors would be okay, Claire Wright argued that this is allowing business to creep into residential neighborhoods. "A big difference from when you change what it is now to business, is that all of a sudden there is a whole host of business uses that are allowed by right into a residential district." Representative Wayne Davies countered on behalf of his client; "The actual use of the property is a business use and we are not suggesting that be changed, all we're suggesting is that the actual use is conformed to zoning district."

The board decided to look further into the proposal and avised further reference from the Zoning Advisory Committee.

Board of Selectmen Agenda for Meeting Tuesday August 11th 2015

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The Board will consider approving executive session minutes:
6/23/15; 7/14/15; 7/29/15


1. To discuss strategies with respect to collective bargaining updates by the
Town Manager relative to Police, Fire and Dispatch, because an open meeting
may have detrimental effects on the bargaining positions of the Board;

Amendments to Transportation Planning Documents Released for Public Review

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The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) will release draft Amendment Five of the federal fiscal years (FFYs) 2015–18 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and draft Amendment One of the FFY 2015 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for a 30-day public review period, which will begin on Monday, August 3, 2015, and end at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

Zoning Advisory Committee Vacancy

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The Planning Board is seeking residents interested in serving on the Zoning Advisory Committee. The Board is looking for residents who will be energized and committed to addressing various zoning related topics in depth, and committed to attending regular evening meetings generally from September through February. The Planning Board is looking forward to appointing a vital, creative and energetic Committee. The work program for the Committee will be developed following a Public Forum in the fall of 2015. Terms are for one year, and no prior experience is necessary.

USOC pulls bid for 2024 in Boston

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According to multiple reports the United States Olympic Committee has pulled the Boston 2024 Olympics bid. On Monday Jan 27th Boston Mayor Marty Walsh refused to sign a contract with the U.S. Olympic Committee that commits the city to covering any budget overruns. Mayor Walsh strongly supported the Boston Olympic bid but said in a press conference he cannot commit at this time to signing the host city contract if Boston won the right to the 2024 Olympics.

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Video: Water-Sewer Manager updates on Water Tanks and Water Levels

Water-Sewer manager Eric Carty gave HCAM News an update on the Water Tanks in-front of Hopkinton Middle School. The smaller tank to the right holds approximately 320,000 gallons and was built in 1922, Carty stated they are looking into temporary maintenance work and to eventually have the tank replaced to increase storage; "this one is not quite sufficient enough anymore with the growth we've had in town." The tank to the left was built in 1966 and holds approximately 1.5 million gallons and evaluations are being done for spot repairs and cleaning.

Carty stated that engineers from Weston & Sampson are currently evaluating the tanks; "right now the indication is to take the smaller tank down and use a same height tank." The Water-Sewer manager mentioned in order to take the small tank down, it is likely that the wider tank would have to be built next to the smaller tank so the town would not have a tank down during the process in order to keep up with the demand. "It is still early in the study so something else might come out of it but that seems the way they will be falling right now."

Carty said it's been a busy summer for the DPW with a lot of construction happening during the summer throughout town; "we've been busy with doing inspections for the water mains and getting them filled and all the other associated work that goes along with the construction." Despite the lack of rain this summer, Carty mentioned that the water levels are doing okay; "we've had just enough rain that kept us at an okay level, we're starting to see the ground levels drop." He mentioned that water consumption should be monitored closely with a lack of rain the last couple of weeks; "we are trying to get the word out there that your lawns really only need 1 inch of water a week to stay green and if everyone adheres to the watering rules and regulations which are imposed on us by the DEP, than that will help us make it through the summer without any significant issues in terms of supply."

You can see more information about a rain barrel program the DPW implemented with the help of local nurseries here.

To hear more information watch the interview below.

Town of Hopkinton Seeks a Full Time (40 hours/wk) Administrative Assistant for its Land Use, Planning & Permitting Department

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Under the direct supervision of the Director of Land Use, Planning & Permitting, the Administrative Assistant will provide administrative and clerical support to the Land Use Department and the Community Preservation Committee. Administrative responsibilities will include but not limited to, transcribing and processing minutes for the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) meetings; maintaining CPC files; processing of invoices, budget monitoring and maintaining spreadsheets.


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