Conservation Commission Hears West Elm St, DiCarlo Road

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On Monday, December 15th, the Conservation Commission met to discuss three properties, on West Elm St, DiCarlo Road, and Hayden Rowe St.

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Video Segment: Concern About School Street / West Main Street Intersection

Angels Garden Center located near the intersection of West Main Street, Dicarlo Road and School Street has undergone numerous renovations in recent months including a new stop light, repaving and various other road fixes but concern has been expressed by a few about the current stop light system and road format. Jeff Doherty owner of Angels Garden Center is one of the concerned members of the community. Jeff stated "The folks who live on the North Side of the intersection who would like to make a left hand turn, who paid for the light a half of million dollars, they are at a disadvantage because they do not get a clear direction and a simple fix would be a 5 second delay in the light." Jeff also mentioned that the Town Manager told the DPW to make the changes and they have not done so yet.

Jeff also expressed concern that the stop lines were to far up on the road. "If somebody wanted to take a left hand turn on School Street coming up West Main, they would not be able to because there would be a car stopped at the red light." Jeff also had an issue with the stop line on West Main Street stating a right turn on school street going northward could be difficult to negotiate for a large truck or trailer if a car is stopped at the line, since the line is too far up. Jeff acknowledged that the light has dramatically decreased the amount of accidents at the intersection stating that before the light, there was at least one accident a month.

Director of Public Works John Westerling agreed with both of Jeff's concerns stating that the correction to the timing of the light is expected to be made and also stated that the contractor painted the stop lines in the wrong spot. "We are in contact with the contractor to relocate those, to move those back easterly to allow folks traveling southerly on School Street to take that left on West Main Street without their being any vehicles impeding that turn."

John stated that "Jeff has been great, he has been our eyes in the field and he lives that every day so he is aware what is going on out there. We talked about those 2 very specific problems and we are going to make changes a long those very same lines."

Town of Hopkinton: Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Public Meeting

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Town of Hopkinton
Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Public Meeting
Sam Cleaves, AICP, Senior Regional Planner, MAPC

Hopkinton Town Hall, Room 215
December 16th, 5-6 PM

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Overview of Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan and Update Process
3. Questions and Public Comment on Areas of Concern and Potential Strategies
4. Adjourn

At Board of Health, Proposed Lumber Street Renovaton Revised

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The Board of Health met on December 8th, 2014. During the meeting, they discussed old business, pressing issues for the upcoming year, and held a public hearing for 196 Lumber St.

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Video Segment: Board Approves promotion to Sergeant for Timothy Brennan

Chief Edward Lee talked to the selectmen about the selection process in choosing a new sergeant, The Chief stated it was a tough decision as 9 Hopkinton Officers applied but it was Detective Timothy Brennan who received the promotion to sergeant. "I believe that detective Brennan rose to the top in the process, he brought a unique set of skills, coupled with his education and experience. In my opinion would be the best fit for the position."

Officer Brennan is 48 years old, has a Wife and 3 Children, he lived in town for 15 years after being born in Newton, he graduated from Newton North high school in 1984. Brennan has a bachelors degree in business management and science from Bentley College in 1994 as well as a masters degree in criminal justice from Suffolk University in 2003. Officer Brennan has served Hopkinton P.D. for the last 12 years and has over 27 years of law enforcement experience.

Sergeant Timothy Brennan talked about a self defense class he would like to incorporate for children in schools, Brennan currently runs a self defense program for Women.

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Video Segment: Board of Selectmen approve Maria Casey as new town Human Resources Director

The Board of Selectmen approved Town Manager Norman Khumalo’s appointment of Maria Casey to serve as the new town Human Resources Director. Town Manager Norman Khumalo stated: "Everybody we spoke to confirmed her as being ethical, trustworthy and highly professional."

Maria talked to the board about why she was attracted to Hopkinton; "A lot of your managers are well respected, that intrigued me to continue further." Maria mentioned that Hopkinton reminded her of the community she grew up in Littleton, MA after she talked with people and went to some of the establishments. Maria has experience in a number of other communities and received the unanimous vote to become the new Human Resources Director for Hopkinton.

Hopkinton Seeks Full-Time Administrative Assistant/Billing Clerk

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Under the general supervision of the DPW Director, the Administrative Assistant/Billing Clerk performs various activities and provides necessary administrative support to efficiently meet the needs of the DPW, including Water and Sewer Billing and Accounts Payable. This position is responsible for performing a variety of duties which involve daily contact with staff, other Town departments, customers, contractors, and residents. A high degree of confidentiality as well as excellent quality and commitment to customer service is paramount.

Hopkinton Mews Presents Design, Traffic, and Landscaping at ZBA

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On Wednesday, December 3rd, the Board of Appeals met to hear 68 East Main St and Hopkinton Mews.

The 68 East Main St hearing was opened and closed quickly. Ms. Zamora has withdrawn her request due to ongoing health problems. The hearing and the requests were both closed.

Laurel Avenue Discussion Continues

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The Planning Board met on December 1 to hear changes made to the plans for Laurel Avenue Extension. Present for the discussion were attorney Doug Resnick, developer Thomas Perna, engineer Patrick Burke and the Dardinski family, the property owners.

Representative Dykema Announces Local Office Hours

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Continuing a tradition that began when she was first elected, Representative Dykema will be holding her quarterly office hours in each of the four towns of the 8th Middlesex District next week.

“Being accessible to constituents was a pledge I made when I was first elected,” said Dykema. “I’ve learned so much from all those who have come to meet with me and I appreciate hearing their thoughts and ideas.”

Residents are encouraged to stop in to the office hours to share concerns, questions and opinions on state issues or simply to chat over a cup of coffee.


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