Good health care: A matter of trust

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Getting good health care is a goal everyone should want to achieve. But it can be difficult, as the health care system continues to undergo rapid change. With new models of care, increasingly complex insurance plans, patients can easily and quickly become confused and frustrated.
The first step to good care, however, is picking a primary care physician.

Video: Push-ups for Veteran Suicide Awareness at Hopkinton Police Station

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The 22Kill organization started in 2013 and works across the nation to raise awareness for Veterans facing mental health issues. This week at the Hopkinton Police Station, members of the Hopkinton Police and Fire Department did 22 pushups + 1 more to honor the estimated 22 veterans a year that commit suicide and 1 more for active duty military that take their lives. The organization hopes to reach 22 million push-ups nationwide.

The Emerging Trend of Telemedicine

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In this age of high technology, going to a doctor is taking on a new twist. Telemedicine – the exchange of information via electronic means to improve a patient’s health – is rapidly changing the practice of medicine.

Obesity: More than Diet and Exercise

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For decades, obesity has been a major health issue affecting citizens of all ages. Today, the condition is considered epidemic in the U.S., with nearly 35 percent of American adults and almost 13 million children 2-19 years old having obesity.

Important Water Supply Update

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The Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary has issued a drought warning for our area, which means severe drought conditions persist. Based on this declaration, Mass DEP and the Hopkinton Emergency Management Team recommend restrictions on outdoor use.

Diabetes Self-Management Workshop

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Learn to take control of your diabetes with this free workshop! The workshop meets on Monday, September 12, 19, and 26, and on October 3, 17, and 24. It takes place at the Hopkinton Senior Center, 28 Mayhew Street in Hopkinton, from 12:30-3:00 PM.

During these six courses, you will learn:

- Techniques to deal with diabetes symptoms, fatigue, pain, and hyper/hypoglycemia
- Better nutrition and exercise choices
- How to improve your patient/physician relationship
- Medications and Management
- Skills to manage symptoms

Yoga - A Way of Life

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A discourse and demonstration by Shubhada Wavikar of The Sacred Grove, a yoga studio in Hopkinton, MA., will take place at the Hopkinton Senior Center on Wednesday, August 17 at 7:00 PM. Shuba will talk about the origin, types and branches of yoga. We will discuss the mind - body - soul connection in yoga, and note some research supporting yoga's health benefits. We will briefly touch upon postures (asanas), some breathing techniques (pranayama), hand gestures (mudras), and meditation. We will also discuss the concept of mindfulness. We welcome you to attend this workshop.

Medical records enter the digital age

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If you’ve been to visit your physician lately, you’ve likely experienced one of major changes in health care today: the electronic medical record, or EMR.

The adoption of EMRs has been one of the most rapid advances of technology in the medical field, and it has affected both physicians and patients. More than 90 percent of physicians in Massachusetts now use some form of electronic medical record to track a patient's care.

This one’s for the men

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And the ones who care about them…. The studies and statistics don’t lie: Men are more likely to die of heart disease, more prone to be killed in accidents, and more apt to suffer from drug or alcohol addictions than women.

The fact is when it comes to individual health, men fare far worse than women.

“Men have really not taken good care of themselves,” says primary care physician Frederic Schwartz, M.D., co-chair of the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Men’s Health Committee.

The Spread and Fear of Infectious Disease

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The rise of an infectious disease presents two challenges: first, containing the infection to as small a geographic area as possible, and second, reducing or even preventing the fear that comes with it. In an age when an outbreak can be just a plane ride away and when instant communication by multiple channels takes but a matter of seconds, both challenges present difficult tasks.


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