Support Nancy Burdick

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I would like to encourage the voters of Hopkinton to support Nancy Burdick for School Committee on May 16th.

My experience with Nancy has shown that she is one of the few town leaders that have consistently reached out for feedback and ideas on the major issues concerning the town. This type of outreach needs to be supported and encouraged if we are to solve the looming challenges facing the town.

Writer Supports Nancy Burdick

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For continued Educational Excellence–Support Nancy Burdick School Committee

In Support of Nancy Burdick for School Committee

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I support Nancy Burdick for re-election to the School Committee.

I served the final four years of my twelve-year tenure on the School Committee with Nancy. She is smart, thoughtful, and determined to provide the best for our children to the extent that the community can afford.

Nancy is a very attentive listener and values communication and collaboration very highly. Her leadership style is to develop consensus before taking action.

In Support of the New Library

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Did you know that Hopkinton has the opportunity to improve its public library?

In Support of New School and Districting

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Dear Editor:

Like many of those not native to Hopkinton, I grew up in a districted town (Shrewsbury). We moved here primarily because of the quality of the schools and the reputation of the town. Ironically, thousands of new parents had the same rationale over the last 10 years. This of course resulted in significantly more classrooms for each grade than historical averages, and overcrowded classrooms.

Resident Lists Top 10 Reasons to Vote Yes for the New School

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Top 10 Reasons to Vote Yes for the New School

1. We have a very good staff, teachers and administration that will always be there for our children. The building simply helps them do a better job and get better teachers. The Center School Principal says she has a hard time recruiting top teachers because of the physical building.

They All Can’t Be Wrong. VOTE YES for Hopkinton’s Future Leaders

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Dear Editor:

There has been much said from both sides of the vote as to what the ideal decision is for the future of Hopkinton’s schools. I worry we are dangerously close to losing sight of the big picture—the future leaders that will emerge from this lovely town.

From the Chamber of Commerce: Planning Board To Consider By-Law Change Which Encourages Lawsuits Against Town

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The Planning Board is considering a zoning by-law change which would strip Hopkinton businesses of their rights to appeal a Site Plan Review decision to the zoning Board of Appeals, the town’s quasi-judicial administrative body, and force businesses to file litigation against the Town in the event they don’t like a Planning Board Site Plan Review decision. On March 8, 2011, the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted 17-0 to oppose this proposed zoning By-law change.

Former Teacher in Favor of New School at Fruit Street

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As a former Hopkinton elementary school teacher, I am in favor of the Fruit Street School project.

Resident Urges Support for Districting and New School

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Dear Editor,

Over the past several weeks, many letters have been written about neighborhood schools, understandably based on emotion and assumptions. I would like to share some facts (and some assertions), for voters to consider for March 21 and 28.


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