Editorial: Endorsing Shahidu Mannan for Select Board

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Over the past several months, I’ve come to know Shahidu Mannan through various meetings. I’m truly impressed with his background in business consulting, accounting and his knowledge of Municipal Finance. His previous work with the appropriations committee demonstrates his commitment to the Town, and also provides insight into the budgetary issues the town faces each year. I believe he is an asset to our community, and would serve our community well on the Select Board.

Irfan Nasrullah
Law Office of Irfan Nasrullah
81 Main Street
Hopkinton, MA 01748

Editorial: Endorsing Mary Jo LaFreniere for Select Board

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Mary Jo LaFreniere served as District Coordinator in my Senate Office, Representing Hopkinton for 10 years. During that time, she exhibited, exquisitely, all the leadership qualities needed to be one of Hopkinton’s most effective Selectmen ever: she is organized, committed, energetic, intelligent, collaborative and enormously personable, even in stressful situations. Her “marathon” service to Hopkinton is legendary. Throughout all of the challenging situations she faced as the Senate District Director, she was always friendly, collaborative and professional.

Editorial: Endorsing Shahidul Mannan for Board of Selectmen

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Dear Editor,

I’m writing to encourage Hopkinton voters to elect Shahidul Mannan to the Board of Selectmen. Shahidul has served several years on the Appropriation Committee, is well versed in Hopkinton’s growth and financial management, and brings strategic management experience that will enable more proactive leadership by the board.

Editorial: Endorsing Claire Wright for Board of Selectmen

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Claire Wright for Selectman: A proven, dedicated leader

Having attended many community events and Board of Selectmen's meetings, I am impressed with Ms. Claire Wright's combination of passion for this community and practicality. She seeks to find common ground, bringing together people on contentious issues. She has a sound vision for the future of Hopkinton, and does especially well helping to balance the varying needs of the town. She is also not afraid to take a stand to protect the interests of Hopkinton.

Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce Annual Town Meeting 411

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Below are links to information relating to several articles that are expected to be presented, tonight, at the Hopkinton Annual Town Meeting. Each is directly linked to projects of importance to Hopkinton’s economic health.

Of particular importance are Articles 41 and 42, which the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors opposes.

Hopkinton Chamber Urges “NO” vote on Articles # 41 and # 42.
View above attachment for Document

Editorial: Supporting Cynthia Esthimer for Commissioner of Hopkinton Parks & Recreation

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Cynthia loves Hopkinton, especially the Lake Maspenock community where she has lived for many years. She advocates for this natural resource, its environment, and even chairs the committee on weeds. Cynthia believes in an inclusive Parks and Recreation department with activities for everyone of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Her desire is to support and enhance offerings our Parks and Recreation are currently offering our community from sports, arts, educational initiatives and health & wellness programs.

Article 46 - The Aaron and Lucy Claflin House Historic District (76 Main St)

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On May 1, 2019 the Hopkinton Historic District Commission (HHDC) held a public hearing on the Preliminary Study Report for the creation of the Aaron and Lucy Claflin House Historic District (76 Main St), which is the subject of a Town Meeting Warrant Article (Article #46) submitted by the Hopkinton Historical Commission (HHC). The current property owner sought a demolition permit for the Claflin House; the Hopkinton Historical Commission then imposed a six-month demolition delay, which will expire July 4, 2019.

Sue Kurys - Candidate for Commissioners of Trust Funds Statement

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Hi. I'm Sue Kurys and I’m running for Commissioner of Trust Funds. Recently, I’ve been supporting my
gracefully aging parents as they re-visit their estate plans. It’s made me realize just how significant it is
that, when we value something so much, we are moved to pass it on to others and enable them to carry
it forward.

Stewardship of such legacies is at the heart of what the Commissioners of Trust Funds do. Their principal
duty is to respect the wishes of the benefactors by ensuring the funds are disbursed as intended.

Editorial: Endorsing Mary Jo Lafreniere and Shahidul Mannan for Board of Selectmen

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Both Mary Jo and Shahidul have the critically necessary experience with municipal finance management most needed on the Board of Selectmen; they each bring experience from different municipal areas - Mary Jo as an Assessor and Shahidul from the Appropriation Committee. Having served on the Select Board myself, I appreciate how complex the financial management issues are and how necessary it is that we elect Board members that really understand the issues and can help ensure sound financial management for the future.

Editorial: Article 52: Easements - Main Street Corridor Project Re-Authorization

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Residents of the downtown area who would be impacted by the Main Street Corridor Project recently received certified letters from the town manager, Norman Khumalo, asking them to donate easements on their property in order to facilitate construction on the proposed downtown project. The town has asked for easements on more than 15% of our property.


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