Heidi L. Bobeck, 59

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Heidi L. Bobeck, 59, of Hopkinton passed away January 23, 2015 at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Born in Clinton, MA. she was the daughter of the late Marion (Lockhart) and Dr. Charles F. Bobeck.

Heidi was a 1973 graduate of Hopkinton High School and a 1977 graduate of the University of Vermont. She was formerly employed by Boston Children's Hospital, where she was a well respected medical researcher specializing in molecular genetics and cancer research.

Editorial: Supporting Carolyn Dykema

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BOSTON, MA – Representative Carolyn Dykema issued the following statement today:

Brian Herr: Statement On The Sgt Bergdahl Prisoner Exchange

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HOPKINTON, MA - Brian Herr, Republican candidate for United States Senate, issued the following statement on the Sgt. Bergdahl prisoner exchange:

"The prisoner exchange involving Sgt. Bergdahl has once again highlighted the administration's propensity to rush to action short of a full comprehension of the issues.

The President set a dangerous precedent. Trading Taliban leaders for Sgt. Bergdahl could increase the danger for Americans and could lead to more U.S. Soldiers being held hostage.

Editorial: Kelly Knight Thanks You

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Now that the election is over I would like to take a minute to thank the people who supported me over the last 12 weeks. My husband, my children and my “Committee to Elect” were invaluable, but you, the voters, put me here. I am so grateful you believed in my platform and checked my name on Monday’s ballot! Now it’s time to get to work.

Editorial: Hopkinton Library urges you to support the Town Election

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We are taking this opportunity to clarify and correct information recently raised by library abutters on the eve of the Town Election vote.

Editorial: Supporting Kelly Knight

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It is important to fill every seat on the School Committee with people who bring value to the team with a strong desire to serve our schools and community. There are three candidates running for the two open seats on our School Committee and we are thrilled that Kelly Knight is one of them. Kelly is extremely intelligent, with a keen sense of financial responsibility and a strong will to serve. She’s honest, objective, and keeps an open mind to all sides of a discussion.

Editorial: Supporting Frank Sivo and Kelly Knight

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Hopkinton residents will be asked to go to the polls on Monday, May 19th to cast their votes for our elected officials and vote on 2 ballot questions (related to the underride and the library). A copy of the full ballot can be found at https://drive.google.com/a/hillers.org/folderview?id=0B_Dg3BMNzeU4Y0pwSm... (click on Specimen Ballot).

Editorial: Hopkinton Republican Town Committee Endorses Candidates

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In Hopkinton, we are one of the few towns that have partisan town elections. That means that on the ballot you will see the name of the party that a candidate belongs to and whether that candidate was nominated by their party’s caucus. Having partisan elections usually means that we have more contested races than surrounding towns with non-partisan elections. The two parties work to recruit and elect candidates for local offices. Historically Hopkinton has a larger turn out for local elections than surrounding towns.

Editorial: Supporting Frank Sivo

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Letter to the Voters of Hopkinton:

The School Committee is one of the most important committees in town government. They spend the largest portion of our budget and the set policy for the education for our precious children. The performance of our school system greatly influences our property values. It is critical that we pick experienced and knowledgeable persons to set priorities and policy for our schools.


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