What Can You Do to Help Your Teen Achieve?

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Contrary to what some people might think, children aren't born achievers. They don’t automatically have the urge to achieve. Children become achievers.

You can encourage them to work hard and set goals. But making teens obey and conform won’t make them achievers.

Forced habits don’t strongly motivate people to do a good job and strive to reach for the stars. What does motivate them? Young people are motivated to achieve when their parents:

No School on Wednesday

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Dear Parents/Guardians/Faculty,

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Video Segment: Martin Luther King Day Activities take place throughout Hopkinton

The American Federal holiday of Martin Luther King Day is to honor a man who took a stand for equality and wanted nothing more than peace and for people to be kind and help each other. Many students throughout the Hopkinton School system and community members represented what Martin Luther King J.R. stood for as they took their day off and made it a "Day On", Chair of the Hopkinton Youth Commission Margie Wiggin explained; "These kids could be at home sleeping...hanging out with their friends at the mall but they're here, they're volunteering, giving service, making fleece blankets, writing valentines for seniors in town, writing letters to service men and women, serving at the historical society building, cleaning trash in the school parking lots, they're giving back, they're making it a day on instead of a day off because they're volunteering their time."

The Day On program hosted by the Hopkinton Youth Commission has existed for more than 4 years, Wiggin explained it used to be more of an in-house activity but they expanded the program to further help the community. Activities that took place during the "Day On Program" Martin Luther King Day included; A Red Cross Blood Drive at the Middle School Cafeteria. In the Brown Gymnasium at the Middle School activities included; Blanket Making and Valentines Day Card making for Seniors, writing letters to troops serving in the military, creating mittens for wounded animals, volunteering at the Hopkinton Historical Society, cleaning school grounds and making various artwork, necklaces and other jewelry for charitable causes.

Watch the videos to hear the interview with Margie Wiggin and see the volunteers in action.

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Video Segment: ESBC Gives Public Update on Progress at Hopkinton Library

At a public session in the Hopkinton Library the Elementary School Building Committee made it clear that now is the time to give your input on what you think about the project locations and designs and what your preference would be.

Chair Joe Markey explained; "If you want to weigh in on which location is best, now is the only time to do that, by the end of February, early March the latest, we will have concluded our evaluation with community input and expertise from the team. Right now we are looking at 4 locations, 11 different options at those 4 locations, by another 6-8 weeks from now we will have one choice and that is what will be going to town meeting, so we need people to get involved and buy in and help us make the choice that we feel is going to work and be well received at that vote during town meeting."

Chair Joe Markey explained you can see the proposed sites and give your thoughts or opinions to the ESBC by a number of ways including their website , their Facebook page; and you can find them on Twitter @hopkintonESBC. You can also see all ESBC meetings and updates on The sites are currently on display at the Hopkinton Library.

The progress of the ESBC with the school project was broken down into 8 Module's; 1) Eligibility Period, 2) Forming the Project Team 3) Feasibility Study, 4) Schematic Design, 5) Seeking Project Funding at Town Meeting, 6) Detailed Design, 7) Construction, 8) Completing the Project. Right now the ESBC is at Module 3 which is the Feasibility Study. Markey Explained; "Over the past year we have been forming the project team, right now we have completed the phase of forming the project team...In town meeting May 2013 Hopkinton funded $600,000, now that we're at the point of doing engineering evaluation of sites working with architects and project managers, we are now starting to use that money to execute the feasibility study. A portion of that will be reserved for the detailed schematic design on our one chosen site."

One of the questions asked was about if there was budget variation among the possible sites of the new school. Compass Project Manager Jeff D' Amico explained that the budget has not been established and part of the process at the stage they are currently at is to gather information about the sites to determine a budget for the different site options.

To watch the entirety of any of the Elementry School Building Committee updates head to and dont forget you can see all ESBC meetings live on HCAM.

Pasta Dinner Fundraiser Jan. 15th

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The Friends of Hiller Cheer are hosting an All You Can Eat Pasta Dinner Fundraiser on January 15, 2015 at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club, 252 Wood Street, Hopkinton from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

The Cheerleaders will be serving up Pasta, Meatballs, Garlic Bread and Salad.

The cost is $10.00 per person, $5.00 for Seniors (65 years and older) and Children under 12 years. ($35.00 maximum per family)

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Video Segment: Ribbon Cut to Open Public Ice Rink

The Hopkinton Public Ice Rink was officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony. In attendance from the Parks and Recreation Commission; Colleen Allen, Kevin Nathan and Robert Dobinski, Panning Board Member Claire Wright, Hopkinton Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Cathy MacLeod and Selectman Todd Cestari. Parks and Recreation Chair Bob Dobinski talked about where the idea for the rink came from: "The entire idea came about from a conversation I had with Claire Wright." Bob mentioned the original idea was to have the rink on the town common but the terrain would not allow it, but that it's in the perfect spot since it can light up till 10pm.

Superintendent Dr. Cathy MacLeod was excited about the availability of a public winter activity on the school ground; "It's a wonderful opportunity for everybody, it's great to have the school buildings and school grounds being used by the community." "I like the idea of being active in the winter, that's what I grew up with and I think it's just wonderful to have these opportunities with the Parks and Recreation."

The rink started being built after the leaves stopped falling and was filled recently during a 4 or 5 day span that was cold enough to create the ice. The Fire Department, DPW and Water Department all assisted with the rink.

Longtime Ice Skater and Planning Board member Claire Wright was excited about the rink "Skating is the most wonderful outdoor sport for adults and kids, in-fact in U.S. figure skating, the adult skating community is the fastest growing group of skaters in the country, so I'm looking forward to sharing this with other people and having people get bit by the skating bug." Claire has competed with her husband in many skating competitions.

You can see more photos of the ribbon cutting ceremony at

ESBC Talks About 11 Proposed Sites for New School in Public Presentation

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The Elementary School Building Committee held their first of two public info sessions in January, Wednesday January 14th to talk about the 11 proposed site alternatives for Center School. The ESBC will hold a public forum Saturday January 24th 9:00am at the Middle School Library to compare the different site options. Public Participation is encouraged!

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Video Segment: High School Assistant Principal Josh Hanna talks "Top of the Hill" program

The HHS Top of the Hill Program honors alumni for their exceptional achievements and contributions to society. This program is brought to you by Hopkinton High School, The Hopkinton Parent Teacher Association, and The Hopkinton Education Foundation.

Alumni Nominated Must Have:
1) Graduated from HHS at least 10 years ago.
2) Demonstrated a high level of achievement & made significant contributions to work, home, community or volunteer efforts.
3) Exhibited leadership, character, and service.

Find the Nomination Form Here: HHS Top of the Hill Nomination Form. here

Assistant Principal Josh Hanna explained the program will honor alumni from Hopkinton High School who have reached the pinnacle of their chosen professions or have contributed to their communities. "Former students will be invited back to the school to interact with current students in an effort to inspire students to what they could become or conspire to be."
The recipients will be invited the week before thanksgiving to network with students and receive an award at a banquet. The program was created in a joint effort by the 300th anniversary committee, Hopkinton Education Foundation and Hopkinton Parent Teachers Association. Hanna also explained that this is a similar model to what has been done at Natick High School.

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Video Segment: ESBC Reviews Options for Center School Site

The Elementary School Building Committee met on Monday December 22nd, at HCAM studios, for their last meeting of 2014. During the meeting, architectural firm DRA provided the board with a "Site Evaluation Criteria Matrix"; the presentation laid out all of the different campus options for the different sites under consideration. A number of options were presented, including six options for the Center School site, the option to add a building to the Elmwood campus, and several options for the Irvine and Todaro properties. Architect James Barrett stressed to the committee that while these plans may "look a lot like architecture", they are far from the stage of designing the buildings themselves; "what were really doing at this juncture, is test fit analysis, it's the ability of these sites to hold and contain that building footprint program as a test at this juncture, we're not finalized yet on full size of the existing facility, we're making an attempt to do an evaluative assessment based on what we know to date and that includes playfield area, parking and those types of services that are necessary."

Chair Joe Markey emphasized that right now the planning process is taking place to come up with a final plan to present at town meeting 2015. "It's taking us 18 months to get to where we are now, but in the next month we will be doing a lot of critical evaluation and decision making on site alternatives." Markey mentioned that by town meeting a site will already be selected and now is the time to evaluate.

Let Your Teen Take—or Leave—Your Homework Advice

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Homework is often a battleground for families. Some parents insist that their teen redo the homework until it is right. This often leads to arguments among family members.

Try a new approach next time. When your teen finishes a homework assignment, ask her, "Do you think that your work is as good as you can make it? Did you understand everything?"

If your teen has doubt, she might ask for help. If she does, you can give it to her. But first let her decide how—and if—she'll change the answer.


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