HHS Drama Ensemble presents ‘Singin’ in the Rain’

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The Hopkinton High School drama troupe will present the musical comedy, “Singin’ in the Rain,” November 20 through 23 at the Middle School Auditorium.

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Video Segment: Powderpuff Football Friday November 21st

Believe it or not this coming week is the off week before the annual Highschool thanksgiving football game but don’t worry the Girls of Hopkinton High School have you covered. Friday November 21st at David M. Hughes Stadium, it’s time once again for the annual Powderpuff Football Game between the Juniors (Class of 2016) and Seniors (Class of 2015)

Admission is $5 and is open to all members of the community. All proceeds will benefit the Junior and Senior Classes. Check out the videos to meet the teams.

Riding the Wave…

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The Hopkinton Hiller Cheerleaders (HHS) continue the tradition of being one of the premier cheerleading squads in the state. After winning the Tri-Valley League Championship, HHS moved on to the South Regional Cheerleading Competition held at Whitman-Hanson High School on November 16th. There, they competed against twelve other teams in Division 2 and came in second place with a nearly flawless performance; missing the top spot by a mere 2 points.

Make Sure Your Teen Knows How to Prevent, Handle Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying—bullying someone online—has sadly become common.
Just as with all bullying, though, your teen doesn’t have to sit and take it. She can take steps to prevent it. And If it does happen, she can move to end it quickly.

Here’s how you can help:

Dogs Sniff for Contraband at High School

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This morning, contraband seeking dogs did a sweep of areas of the Hopkinton High School building looking for illegal substances. Multiple K-9 units from the Middlesex county sheriff’s department were involved. The search included approximately 15 classrooms, the library, locker rooms, bathrooms and parking lots. Class remained in session and teaching activities continued during the approximately 45 minutes while the search was taking place. The sweep was conducted in a quiet and professional manner.

Hopkinton Hillers Kickoff -- 7p.m. Friday

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The Hillers Varsity Football team will take on Oliver Ames High School of North Easton, Mass. on Fri., Nov.14 at 7 p.m. at David M. Hughes Stadium in Hopkinton. Don’t miss one minute of exciting Hiller action! Bring the family and enjoy a game under the lights. The Hopkinton High School Athletics Boosters will have the doghouse well stocked with plenty of hot chocolate, popcorn and other delicious treats popular with the fans. After this, next Hiller game is Thanksgiving Day – this year in Ashland.

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Video Segment: ESBC Selects Design Firm for Center School Project

Story Written by: Kelsey Simonson

On Tuesday, October 21st, the Elementary School Building Committee chose the design firm for the Center school project.

The MSBA and the members representing the ESBC voted for DRA as their first choice design team; DRA garnered the most votes from the panel. DRA was chosen out of three possible candidates. "They all came with very high qualifications", ESBC chair Joe Markey stated today at HCAM's ESBC Update, but stated that they felt DRA in particular would work closely with the committee and not stay "in their ivory tower" as Markey said.

Vice-chair Mike Shepard echoed the approval of DRA as the chosen design firm. Shepard added that DRA will also pay particular attention to the historic nature of the existing Center School. DRA, he said, has experience in working at historic sites.

"We're looking for a design partner that's going to be open-minded, not come in with a pre-defined solution," Markey added. He is confident that DRA will pay particular attention to the needs and desires of Hopkinton's residents.

Now that a design firm has been chosen, the next step is contract negotiation. Markey and Shepard noted that the budget for the firm has already been set at town meeting, so there is a fixed amount limit of funds for negotiation. However, Markey said, talks still must take place, and although it is likely that DRA will remain as the design firm for the ESBC, there is a possibility that the second or third choice firm could take their place should negotiations fall through.

Check out the video for more information.

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Video Segment: High School Halloween Senior Costume Contest

Every year Seniors at Hopkinton High School look forward to many beloved traditions but one in particular is the Costume Contest, and this year an abundance of creativity was on display, making it a very difficult choice for teachers in choosing the best costumes.

Best Couples Costume - The Italian Restaurant (2 Girls dressed like Italian Chefs and prior to the contest set up a whole restaurant section with tables and decoration outside of the gymnasium to compliment their costume)

Scariest Costume - "The Shining" Twins (2 Girls Dressed like the twins from the horror classic "The Shining")

Funniest Group Costume - Toy Story - (Group of 8 Girls Dressed like Characters from the animated classic "Toy Story".)

Cutest Group Costume - The Barbie Dolls (3 Girls dressed like Barbie Dolls in store packaging.)

Most Creative Group Costume - Raining Cats and Dogs (3 Girls sported rain jackets and umbrellas with Cat and Dog stuffed animals attached to the umbrella)

Best Group Costume Runner-Up - Mayflower Programs (6 Girls dressed up as Mayflower pilgrims and used a float with a sign saying "Mayflower" to portray the Mayflower)

Best Overall Individual Costume - Forest Gump (Dressed up as Forest Gump with long beard from the jogging scene in hit movie "Forest Gump")

Best Overall Group Costume - The Trophies (5 Girls covered themselves fully in Gold and utilized some athletic gear to depict Sports Trophies)

Watch the video to see all the costumes in the parade and the awards ceremony.

Hiller Cheer Racking Up Wins

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For the third year in a row the Hopkinton Hiller Cheerleaders are the Tri-Valley League Champions

Another season has begun and the Hopkinton High Cheerleaders (HHC) have, as in the past, started out strong. On October 25th the HHC went to the Panther Invitational in Marlboro MA. Where they came in first place in division two. They were proud and happy to have strong start to the season, but there was a special twist to the particular competition. Head Marlboro coach, Adrienne DeGeorge, and The Varsity Marlboro Cheer team have “adopted” a young man, Dylan, who is battling brain cancer. Adrienne sent out a challenge to all 20 teams competing.

Help Your Teen Make Connections While Reading

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She’s been reading her history book for half an hour. But when she closes the book, she says, “I can’t keep my mind from wandering. How will I ever remember this stuff?”
Here’s a way to help your teen focus when she reads. It will help her pay attention and make connections between the things she is learning and the things she already knows.

Start by dividing a sheet of paper into four quarters. In the top left quarter, have her write a big exclamation point. This stands for “I didn’t know that!”


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