HHS Athletics Adopts New Registration Program

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This spring we are introducing our new athletic registration program FamilyID. Parents and students will register for all sports using Family ID. Please visit the Athletic Department webpage on the Hopkinton Public School website. Here you will find the link to sign up for Family ID and register your child. Please register by March 13th

Please note a hard copy of your child’s current physical (within 13 months) must be on file in the Athletic Trainers Office not with the nurse.

Expect Your Teen to Strive for Excellence

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Sometimes teens rush from chore to chore or project to project. Their goal is to finish a task. That's great, but it's important for your teen to do his best, too.
Help your teen learn to take pride in what he has done. If he prepares a meal, make sure you say, "It's good to enjoy what you made, isn't it?"

If your teen shows his creativity in a way that can be displayed, take the opportunity to display it. If possible, frame his art and hang it where everyone can enjoy it.

Let your teen see that you also stop to enjoy your own successes.

Hiller Cheer 4peats TVL Title

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Congratulations go out to the Hopkinton High Cheerleaders for winning their fourth TVL title in a row (no other Hopkinton Hiller Cheer team has ever accomplish this feat).

This season has been especially difficult for the Hopkinton cheerleaders for a couple of reasons. All this snow has forced schedule changes and missed practices. Also, several injuries have forced teammates to the sidelines. Still, they’ve been able to overcome all these obstacles and continue their winning ways.

HPS Public Notice

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Special Education Child Find Notice
Under federal and state special education regulations, Hopkinton Public Schools has a duty to locate, identify, refer, evaluate and, if eligible, provide a free, appropriate public education to students with disabilities who reside in the town of Hopkinton. For parents or guardians of children ages 3-21 years of age who have a disability or developmental delay, and who would like more information, please contact Marijane Hackett, Director of Student Services and Child Find Coordinator, at 508-497-9850.

Superintendent Seeks Input

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Based on extensive community feedback that both the Superintendent and School Committee have received in the last month, we are actively considering alternatives for the 2015/2016 School Calendar and would like your opinion on several options. Please complete the Survey. by noon on February 26th in order for your feedback to be taken into consideration before the School Calendar is approved at the March 5th School Committee meeting.

Send a Different Message

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Your teen has brought home a poor grade. "You could do better," you say. But he has probably heard something else. Students often hear "you could do better" as "you're not good enough" or even as "I can't make my Mom and Dad happy."
That doesn't mean you have to praise him for a bad grade. But here's an approach that may get the result you're looking for.

Start by finding something positive to say. Then ask whether he is satisfied with the paper, test or project. Does he think the grade he earned reflects the effort he put in? What might he do differently another time?

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Video Segment: Middle School Assistant Principal announced she is running the Boston Marathon

Hopkinton Middle School Assistant Principal Maryellen Grady has put countless effort into the Sky’s The Limit Project, the goal of the project is to raise money to develop the Courtyard at the Middle School to allow students to use the courtyard for educational and leisurely activities. A good amount of work has already been done on the courtyard but the fundraising continues. In the latest effort for fundraising, Middle School Assistant Principal and strong supporter of the project Maryellen Grady announced she will be running the Boston Marathon on behalf of the Sky’s the Limit courtyard project.

Maryellen recalled her experience growing up watching the Marathon "We used to go every year to watch the Boston Marathon, I remember one year going in my uncles convertible and we were sitting on the back watching all the runners go by." She talked about various runners she has admired such as Johnny Kelly, Uta Pipping and Joan Benoit Samuelson. "My passion is not for running truthfully, my passion is for the idea of the marathon and what you have to give and the training you have to do and I admire the people who have run it, that came before me."

Maryellen Grady has been a huge advocate for the Courtyard project and talked about why it would be a great benefit to the students. She mentioned it would be a safe, supervised environment students could hang out with friends, read, have classroom activities and would serve as an "extended learning environment." "what they always wanted was a space to hang out and gather with your friends....wouldn't it be great to have this beautiful space that's not used...if we could have it open to the kids and a place they can go... that can be used as an extended learning environment and a space after school you could read or hang out with your friends and out in the fresh air."

For More watch the video

School Roofs Inspected

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Mr. Rogers, Director of Buildings and Grounds, met with Mr. Kadlick and Mr. Shepard from the Hopkinton Building Department on Wednesday, February 18th to thoroughly inspect all roofs district wide. Overall the roofs are in very good shape. Any areas of concern that were identified have been addressed. In all cases, it was determined that the structures will safely hold the weight of the accumulated snow. Any concerns based on the potential for sliding snow at building entrances will be addressed before school re-opens on Monday.

Consider Hosting an International Student

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Boston Global Education is a local agency that places international students with loving host families throughout the Metrowest area.

Currently, we are looking for a caring family residing in Hopkinton that would be willing to share their home, time, and culture with a student. A generous stipend would be provided on a monthly basis to cover student expenses.

Families new to hosting can rest assured knowing that our friendly and helpful host coordinator is available to guide you every step of the way.

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Video Segment: ESBC Closing in on Decision for Sight of New School

The Hopkinton Elementary School Building Committee (ESBC) on February 4, 2015, voted unanimously to approve a short list of site alternatives for further evaluation. As part of the Center School Feasibility Study, funding for which was approved by Town Meeting in May 2013, the Committee has been evaluating 11 alternatives at 4 locations.

Four site alternatives will be evaluated in the coming months and they include:

Center School: Alternative 1C + 25 Ash Street, consisting of new construction on town owned property behind existing school, augmented by abutting 25 Ash Street, with preservation of the front of existing Center School building.

Irvine Property (Plans 3a and 3B): 20+ acres located on Hayden Rowe, just South of Hopkinton Parks and Recreation land at EMC Park.

Todaro Property (4A): 20+ acres, with access from 147 Hayden Rowe St, abutting the Irvine property to the North, adjacent to Water Fresh Farm and abutting 5 acres of town owned property on the South.

The committee’s decision followed extensive deliberations and discussion over several meetings, including input from two community workshops, and consideration of expert advice from town and school district professional staff, Compass Project Management, and Drummey, Rosane, Anderson (DRA) architects.

Factors included; Flexibility for future growth, minimizing disruption to education during construction, and other factors in the published site evaluation matrix ( weighed heavily in deciding the short-listed sites.

Through the remainder of February and early March, the ESBC and its partners Compass Project Management and DRA architects will complete additional due diligence of the short listed sites. The community is invited to the third community workshop to review results of this additional work, Saturday, March 7, 9:00 – 10:30 AM at the Center School, 11 Ash Street in Hopkinton. The ESBC expects to make a final decision on a preferred site by March 16th, 2015.

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