Warn Your Teen About Posting Personal Information on the Internet

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Thanks to the Internet, your teen can travel the world with the click of a mouse. He can access information in minutes that once would have taken days of time and possibly thousands of dollars in cost. The Internet is a great learning tool with thousands of reliable and helpful sites.
But the Internet can also hold dangers for your teen. They are found on websites with inappropriate or harmful content and in the social media that many teens use to talk about various subjects.

Safety Info From Transportation Department

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Earlier today, the Transportation Safety Review Committee met to discuss an issue of concern to all parents and their students; i.e. student safety at bus stops. The Committee agreed to ask parents to remind their students to be extra careful at this time of the year due to darkness in the early mornings and late afternoons. If a student has to cross a street to get onto the school bus, the student should always wait for a signal from the bus driver before leaving the bus stop to board the bus.

High School Cans All Dances Due To Dirty Dancing

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A letter distributed by the High School Administration today announces no more Dances at the High School:

As you may have heard from your son/daughter, we have decided that we will no longer offer dances held at the high school including the 9/10th grade Cotillion in March. This decision excludes the Junior Prom. The Prom is held at a different venue and student behavior has not been of significant concern in the past.

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Video Segment: Officer Phil Shows off New Uniform

Hopkinton High School School Resource Officer Phil Powers or as some of the students call him O.P. short for Officer Phil wanted a change from the standard police uniform to a more casual uniform to have a more casual approach towards the students and the public, Chief Lee agreed with the idea and allowed the uniform change. "Instead of wearing a police uniform everyday to school and dealing with the kids I asked if I could make it more softer, more kid friendly. We came up with some different shirts." A few of Officer Powers shirts serve as a representation. The Green represents the Hillers, he wears Red on Fridays for support the troop day. Each shirt has Officer Phil's badge as well as job title on the front and reads "Police" on the back to make him identifiable as a Police Officer in a casual manner. Officer Powers can be seen wearing many various Police shirts including long sleeves for the cold weather and short sleeves for the warm weather, as well as a couple various colors.

You can also view video on our You Tube Page

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Video Segment: Elmwood gets ready for another year of Wee Deliver

Around 60 students were sworn in to the Elmwood School Wee Deliver program by Hopkinton and Woodville Postmaster Carl A. Zagame,the program allows students to run their own post office. In the program students create posters, design stamps, write letters and learn the general operations of the post office. The program helps communication, writing and teamwork skills.

Principal David Ljungberg talked about the program "Our Wee Deliver program is now in it's 16th year, it's open to any students who wish to apply, we have almost 250 applicants this year and the 3rd graders in particular can apply for the postmaster positions which are in charge of other students in the program. So out of the 250 applicants this year we were able to select 60 students based on teacher recommendations." Students that wanted to become Postmasters had to take a real practice civil service exam, those who scored a perfect score went on to the next round and had to write a letter about what makes them the best candidate for the position. Some of the main skills the program teaches includes letter writing, sending and receiving mail and experience working in the mail room.

Hopkinton and Woodville Postmaster Carl A. Zagame described the duties of a postmaster; "It's a little bit of everything, starting with when the mail comes in, in the morning it gets sorted properly. In Hopkinton's instance we have 11 routes in which the mail gets delivered on a daily basis and we manage the retail with the Hopkinton Post office, which is open 8:30-5:00 for peoples needs of sending packages out, letters, Passport acceptance."

Carl mentioned that he liked the Wee Deliver program because it keeps the letter writing process going "It keeps that old tradition of getting handwritten letters going, it keeps the post office which is well over 100 years old going." "There is nothing like getting that handwritten letter weather its neat or messy, it's personalized and it's just great for everybody to keep it going."

Teach Your Teen How to Deal With Disrespect

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“Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere,” said English writer G.K. Chesterton. Unfortunately, when many teens want to draw the line on disrespectful behavior, they become disrespectful themselves.
Standing up for yourself—without resorting to inappropriate behavior—is an important skill. Here are some tips to offer your teen:

Preschool Accepting Lottery Applications

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Hopkinton Integrate Preschool is now accepting lottery applications through February 1, 2015 for enrollment during the 2015-2016 school year. This is a lottery for students who turn 3 years of age between September 1, 2014 and August 31, 2015. We will accept applications for students who will be 4 years old prior to August 31, 2015 and generate a waiting list through the lottery. However, please note that 4-year old opening sonly occur when a current 3-year old does not return to the program.

Marijuana and the Teen Brain Presentation

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After a decade of declines, marijuana use has started to rise among teens in the United States and is now more prevalent than tobacco use. Adolescence is a time of critical brain development which makes teens highly susceptible to developing addiction. It is important for parents to understand the potential short- and long-term effects of this substance on brain development and overall health and well-being.

Hillers Win Season Opener

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New season, new uniforms and new expectations. The Hiller hockey team coming off their first playoff appearance in 6 years last March, look to build on that success with a wealth of new talent to complement the returning starters. Led by veteran Seniors, Jordan Carroll, Mike Messier, Brendan O'Leary and Brandon Carty, the Hillers have a well balanced team across the grades. Juniors include Nikolai Saporoschetz,Dan Delaney,Will Karpenski,Mark McCluskey,Alex Kosheff,Billy Allen and Cam Finlayson.

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Video Segment: Sky's the Limit Shows off Middle School Courtyard

Skys the Limit hosted a presentation and showed off the new Middle School courtyard. Student Ambassador Madison McDougall was kind enough to show HCAM news around the renovated courtyard. Madison talked about how the courtyard not only looks more appealing but there is plenty of space to do numerous educational and fun activities.

Middle School Assistant principal Maryellen Grady started the Sky's The Limit Project when she became motivated to transform the unused space and Principal Alan Keller gave permission to Maryellen Grady to start a school climate committee to transform the courtyard. Maryellen introduced me to Nora Bonnell and Hannah Murphy, 2 Hopkinton High School students who are heavily invested in helping the project. On her birthday Nora asked for money to benefit the Sky's the Limit Project. "When she introduced the project to me, I just think it's a great idea and I think it's a really awesome way to get students to learn in a different way and different environment." Hannah liked the idea of paying tribute to a former student colleague that passed away, Shayne Deroches.


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