Post Prom Chaperones Needed

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Post Prom is looking for volunteers to chaperon the post prom event on Friday, May 27th from 11pm to 5am. Traditionally, parents from the sophomore class are the chaperones for the Junior Post Prom party. Post Prom committee member Kristrina Parsons says that , to date, eight chaperones have volunteered, but more are needed.

"We need about 25 chaperones in total," said Parsons.

Parent Program - Depression and Suicide: Safeguarding Youth, Preventing Tragedies and Building Resiliency

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The Hopkinton High School counseling department will present a parent program entitled Depression and Suicide: Safeguarding Youth, Preventing Tragedies and Building Resiliency. The featured speakers for the program will be Kelley Cunningham and Kim Kates from Samaritans Inc., a national organization aimed at preventing suicide. The program will be held on Wednesday, April 6th at 7pm in the high school auditorium. All interested parents, students and community members are invited to attend.

After the Failed Vote....What's Next?

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The School Committee held a working session on Thursday night to begin planning its next steps after the proposal for a new elementary school at Fruit Street was voted down at Special Town Meeting on Monday, March 21. Voters will have another opportunity to weigh in on what has become a controversial issue at the Special Town Election scheduled for Monday, March 28th.

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Excerpts from Special Town Meeting

Watch the video highlights from Monday night's Special Town Meeting. A total of 935 votes were cast; 418 voted for the new school and 517 voted against it. Listen to excerpts from presentations by Cindy Bernardo, HPTA Chair and Chair of the Ballot Question Committee for the Elementary School at Fruit Street, Glen Layton, Chair of the Ballot Question Committee against the new school, and residents in favor and against the proposal.

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Scenes from Immigration Day at Hopkins School

The 6th annual Immigration Day took place at Hopkins School on Wednesday, March 16. For the sixth year in a row, students learned what it was like to immigrate to America, by actually acting out the steps involved. After being assigned an identity and processed at Ellis Island, the new immigrants proceeded to the Great Hall for their medical exam. Once cleared, they took an oath to the newly adopted country.

Thanks from the HPTA

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To the Editor:
On behalf of the HPTA I would like to send out a huge thank you to the wonderful student volunteers who helped with the babysitting during Monday’s Special Town Meeting. Students from the National Honor Society, the Hopkinton Leo’s Club, CommuniTeen, St. John’s and elsewhere helped take care of almost 50 children throughout the evening.

HPTA Auction is Now Open

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So what are you waiting for?...Bid Now!

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New Elementary School FAILS at Special Town Meeting

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Special Town Meeting results - Elementary School at Fruit Street fails to pass. 517 vote "No" 418 Vote "Yes".

Answers from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA)

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Can the Hopkinton School District switch the scope of the Center School Elementary School project at this point in time? What would be the repercussions of a failed Town Meeting vote?

Theses are two questions posed to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) by Hopkinton residents. The School Committee is making available the MSBA's response to both of these questions in a letter dated March 11, 2011 to Superintendent Phelan.

School Committee Reaffirms Stand on Districting

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Meeting for the final time before Monday's Special Town Meeting, the School Committee once more emphatically stated their case for moving to a neighborhood school model.

During the televised March 17'th meeting, individual committee members talked about the history of the process, transparency in arriving at the decision, and the research that went into the decision to move towards district shools.


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