New Elementary School FAILS at Special Town Meeting

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Special Town Meeting results - Elementary School at Fruit Street fails to pass. 517 vote "No" 418 Vote "Yes".

Answers from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA)

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Can the Hopkinton School District switch the scope of the Center School Elementary School project at this point in time? What would be the repercussions of a failed Town Meeting vote?

Theses are two questions posed to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) by Hopkinton residents. The School Committee is making available the MSBA's response to both of these questions in a letter dated March 11, 2011 to Superintendent Phelan.

School Committee Reaffirms Stand on Districting

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Meeting for the final time before Monday's Special Town Meeting, the School Committee once more emphatically stated their case for moving to a neighborhood school model.

During the televised March 17'th meeting, individual committee members talked about the history of the process, transparency in arriving at the decision, and the research that went into the decision to move towards district shools.

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Cyberbullying Presentation Monday Night

What Parents Need To Know About Cyberbullying
Monday, March 14th
7pm - 9pm
Hopkinton High School Auditorium

A Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center study recently found that at least 30 percent or as many as 60 percent of teens have been cyberbullied, that is, bullied online or via cell phone. Most of those who were bullied reported that they did not tell their parents, who may be unaware it is occurring or the means by which students are able to engage in cyberbullying.

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HCAM News Focus: Dr. Jonathan Landman

Hopkinton's new Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jonathan Landman, stopped by the HCAM Studio on Wednesday, March 9 for an interview with Station Manager Jim Cozzens. Watch the HCAM News video to listen as Dr. Landman talks about his background, his views on education and districting and more.

Donations Needed for Class of 2012 Post Prom Party

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Members of the Post Prom Fundraising Committee Ask for Help:

On May 27, the Class of 2012 will host its Junior Prom. For the past 16 years, the parents of the Junior Class have sponsored a Post-Prom Party held in the school gym. This is designed to keep students safe after the prom. Each year this event has sent a positive message to our children about a drug and alcohol-free prom night. This is not a school sponsored event. It is solely run and paid for by the Junior Parents. We need your support to make this happen!

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Center School Forum Draws Large Crowd

The School Committee hosted its third Public Forum to present information about Center School and the proposed new elementary school at Fruit Street in preparation for the upcoming Special Town Meeting on Monday, March 21, 2011. The event drew a large crowd comprised of staunch school supporters and those with questions and concerns about the future configurations of Hopkinton's schools. After touring Center School, the group gathered in the gymnasium for a question and answer session with school administrators and members of the School Committee.

Chuck "Mully" Mullen Alumni Scholarship

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Did you graduate from Hopkinton High School in the classes of 1986-1988?

Generous contributions from the Chuck Mullen Memorial Bike Run have made it possible to establish a scholarship to honor the memory of Chuck Mullen, Hopkinton High School graduate, class of 1987. Through this scholarship, the Mullen Family and friends hope that his spirit will endure and continue to enrich the lives of others.

Meet Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Landman

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Please note time change to 7:30pm.

Members of the Hopkinton School Committee will introduce Dr. Jonathan Landman, Hopkinton's next Superintendent of Schools, to the community on Wednesday, March 9, 2011, from 7:30 - 8:30pm in the High School Auditorium. Dr. Landman will briefly address the audience and participate in a question and answer period.

In order to accommodate attendance at both this event and the Hopkins Spring Concert,,please note that Dr. Landman's event will now begin at 7:30pm rather than the orginally scheduled 7pm start time.


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