Educational Benefits of Neighborhood Schools

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Whenever a school district decides to change its grade configuration, it generates a lot of discussion in the community. The reasons for the proposed change vary by district but generally include some dialogue about the number of student transitions, effects on student achievement, enrollment growth or decline, social or economic factors, student transportation, parental involvement, opportunities for student interaction, and/or facilities. The most important question often gets lost in the debate: What grade configuration most benefits students?

School Committee Press Release on New Elementary School at Fruit Street

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For the past ten years, the School Committee has been discussing with the community the need to renovate and expand Center School to improve the quality of education for Hopkinton’s students. The age and condition of the present facility compromise learning. The age and condition of Center School also do not allow the district to meet its goal for "neighborhood schools" where all K-5 students from a family could attend the same school near their home.

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A Conversation with the Chairman of the Ballot Question Committee

HCAM News talked with Cindy Bernardo, Chairman of the Ballot Question Committee for the New Elementary School at Fruit Street, to talk about what a ballot question committee is, why she formed the committee and what she hopes to accomplish.

"We formed the committee to show our support for the new school at Fruit Street that is going to be proposed at the Special Town Meeting in March," said Bernardo.

Residents form Committee to Support New Elementary School

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“The Ballot Question Committee for Hopkinton’s New Elementary School " announced today that they have submitted papers to the Hopkinton Town Clerk to form a Ballot Question Committee so that they can support the School Committee's efforts, currently underway, to build a new elementary school on Fruit Street.

Nurses Needed

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Hopkinton Public Schools is seeking qualified School Nurse Substitutes. For more information, including how to apply, please visit the Employment section of the district web site:

Kindergarten Registration Next Week

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Registration for incoming kindergarten and first grade students for the 2011-2012 school year will begin next Thursday, December 30 from 9am to 2pm at Center School. A second registration day is also scheduled for Wednesday, January 4 from 1:30pm to 7:30pm.

If your child is eligible to attend kindergarten in September 2011, or if your child will be a new first grade student for September 2011, you must register your child for school.

Hopkinton High School offers Adult Chinese Course

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Jilliing Pan

Hopkinton High School will be offering a unique opportunity to learn one of society’s critical languages through a 10 week adult Chinese course beginning in January. This course will be taught by Jiling Pan, a Chinese exchange teacher working at Hopkinton High School, and will focus on understanding and speaking basic Chinese words and phrases that would be helpful when traveling in China or building foundational knowledge of the Chinese language for future study.

Fruit Street School Moves on to Next Phase

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The next steps for the Elementary School Building Project were discussed at their December 16th meeting of the Elementary School Building Committee. A Project Manager was named and the board took a look at new project cost figures.

Brian Main, Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) for the school district was named OPM for the Fruit Street project. Previously, Main was designated OPM for the project up to, and including the Schematic Design phase. The committee unanimously and enthusiastically approved Main as the OPM for the entire project.

Superintendent Search Process Underway - Parents and Community Invited to Participate

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Dr. John Phelan is retiring after 11 years of service to the Hopkinton School District. The Hopkinton School Committee has engaged the services of the New England School Development Council (NESDEC) to assist them in the search process for a new Superintendent of Schools.

Center School Evacuated

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The odor of gas outside the front door of Center School caused the evacuation of students to the field behind the school on Friday, December 10. The Hopkinton Fire Department responded and after approximately ten minutes, students and faculty were allowed back into the gym to await further instruction.

According to Fire Chief Ken Clark, the source of the gas odor was residual from gas being released somewhere else in the area, but did not originate from Center School. As of today, the source of the gas odor has yet to be determined.


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