TVL Standings: Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Lacrosse 5-14-2015

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Westwood 14-0 (12-0)
Medfield 9-4 (8-4)
Medway 8-6 (7-5)
Bellingham 8-6 (7-6)
Ashland 7-7 (7-7)
Norton 6-6 (6-6)
Holliston 5-8 (5-7)
Hopkinton 5-8 (5-8)
Dover-Sherborn 5-9 (4-8)
Millis 1-11 (0-10)

Hopkinton 13-1 (12-0)
Norton 11-1 (10-1)
Bellingham 12-2 (11-2)
Holliston 6-7 (6-6)
Westwood 5-9 (5-7)
Medfield 5-9 (4-8)
Medway 5-7 (5-7)
Millis 3-9 (2-9)
Dover-Sherborn 2-10 (2-10)
Ashland 2-11 (2-11)

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Hillers Softball Highlights: 5/11 VS Millis, 5/13 VS Medway


Hillers Softball Improved to 12 and 1 with 12-0 Mercy victory over Millis in 5 Innings.
WP - Juliet Hulme - 5 IP, 5 Strikeouts, 2 Walks and gave up 2 Hits
Bri Mirabile - 2-3, RBI, 1 Run, 2 Stolen Bases
Hanna Engstrom - 2-3, BB, 1 Run, 3 RBI's
Jenna Bogan - 1-1, HBP, Sac Go, 2 RBI's, 2 Runs, SB

Bottom 1st - 2 RBI single from Kate Welzel scores Maille Bennett and Lizzy Kelley (2-0), Jenna Bogan Sac Ground out scores Kayla Sullivan (3-0), Bri Mirabile RBI single scores Kate Welzel (4-0 Hillers)

Bottom 2nd - Hanna Engstrom RBI double scores Renee Cooprider (5-0), Lizzy Kelley Sac FO scores Hanna Engstrom (6-0 Hillers)

Bottom 3rd - Hanna Engstrom 2 RBI single scores Jenna Bogan and Nicole Comeau (8-0 Hillers)

Bottom 4th - Jenna Bogan RBI single scores Lizzy Kelley (9-0), Jenna Bogan Steals home on double steal (10-0), Renee Cooprider RBI single scores Bri Mirabile (11-0 Hillers)

Bottom 5th - Kayla Sullivan RBI double Scores Lizzy Kelley (12-0 Mercy)


Hillers improve to 13 and 1 in 5 inning mercy 16-0 victory over Medway
WP - Juliet Hulme pitches all 5 innings and gets the No Hitter, 5 K's, 4 Walks
Kate Welzel - 3-3, GS HR, 7 RBI's, 3 Runs, SB
Jenna Bogan - 3-4, HR, 2 RBI's, 1 Run,

Bottom 1st - Kayla Sullivan double scores Lizzy Kelley (1-0), Kate Welzel double scores Kayla Sullivan (2-0), Jenna Bogan RBI single scores Welzel (3-0 Hillers)

Bottom 2nd - Lindsay Whittles RBI double scores Nikki Comeau (4-0 Hillers)

Bottom 3rd - Kate Welzel RBI single scores Kayla Sullivan (5-0), Kate Welzel scores on Error (6-0 Hillers)

Bottom 4th - Kayla Sullivan walk scores Engstrom (7-0), Kate Welzel GRAND SLAM scores Whittles, Kelley and Sullivan (11-0), Jenna Bogan hits solo HR (12-0), Colleen Mitchell RBI single scores Hulme (13-0), Lindsay Whittles RBI single scores Comeau (14-0), Azilee Curl RBI single scores Holly (15-0), Kate Welzel Sac FO scores Mitchell (16-0)

Watch Highlights and more of the Coach Dennis Baker J.R. interview in the highlight package below.

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Video: Hillers Softball VS Norton 5-4-2015

Softball 5/4/2015
Hopkinton (9-1) defeats Norton (8-1) 6-0

W.P. Juliet Hulme (4-0) L.P. Kelly Nelson (8-1)

Hop: Juliet Hulme – 18 K’s
Hop: Kayla Sullivan (1-2) HR, 2RBI
Hop: Lindsay Whittles (1-3) 2RBI
Hop: Hanna Engstrom (2-4) 2 Runs

Top 1st - Juliet Hulme Strikes out the Side
Bottom 1st - Kayla Sullivan HR scores Hanna Engstrom (2-0 Hillers)
Top 2nd - Juliet Hume Strikes out the Side
Top 3rd - Juliet Hulme Strikes out the Side
Top 4th - Juliet Hulme Strikes out 4 (1 reached on passed ball)
Top 5th - Juliet Hulme Strikes out 3 (1 reached on passed ball)
Bottom 5th - Lindsay Whittles RBI Sac Fly scores Maille Bennett (3-0 Hillers)
Top 6th - Juliet Hulme Strikes out 1
Bottom 6th - Hanna Engstrom 2 RBI Single scores Hulme and Comeau (5-0 Hillers), Lindsay Whittles RBI Single scores Engstrom (6-0 Hillers)
Top 7th - Hulme Strikes out 1

Hopkinton Hillers score 6 runs on 7 hits and had 3 errors
Norton Lancers score 0 runs on 2 hits and had 3 errors

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Athletic Director Eric Karjel talks about new Hillers Girls Basketball Coach

Hopkinton High School Athletic Director Eric Karjel announced that Rita Atkinson will not be back next year and Mike Greco has been hired as the new Girls Varsity Basketball coach. Greco was the coach of the JV boys team since 2006 and is a math teacher at the High school. Karjel is excited about the addition of Greco; "he's very detailed oriented, he has a great understanding of the game, he played basketball in Hopkinton, he's got a strong passion for Hopkinton Basketball." Karjel explained that Greco's experience should serve as a benefit to the Girls Varsity team; "expect to see the team playing with more aggressiveness, more intensity, attention to detail as far the x's and o's of the game, we're real confident that with Mike's background here will translate real well to the girls side." Karjel mentioned coach since 2008 Rita Atkinson resigned at the end of the season to seek other opportunities.

Hillers Reportedly have new Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

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Dan Ventura of the Boston Herald is reporting that Hopkinton High School Athletic Director Eric Karjel announced that Rita Atkinson will not be back next year and Mike Greco has been hired as the new Girls Varsity Basketball coach. Greco was the coach of the JV boys team since 2006 and is a math teacher at the High school.

Boston Herald Article Here:

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Video: Hillers Softball holds on for Win in epic showdown with Bellingham.

Softball 5/8/2015
Hopkinton (11-1) defeats Bellingham (10-2) 3-2

W.P. Juliet Hulme (7-0) L.P. Zoe Haley

Top 2nd - Renee Cooprider RBI Single scores Kate Welzel (1-0 Hillers)
Bottom 2nd - Hulme strikes out 3 hitters in a row (5 K's in game)
Top 3rd - Kayla Sullivan HR scores Lizzy Kelly (3-0 Hillers)
Bottom 4th - Hulme strikes out 3 hitters in a row (9 K's in game)
Bottom 5th - Kayse Baker scores on wild pitch (3-1 Hillers)
Bottom 7th - Meghan Cook sacrifice scores Kaitlyn Prophet (3-2 Hillers)

Kayla Sullivan - 2-4, HR, 2 RBI's, 1R
Juliet Hulme - Struck out 12 Hitters, 6 walks

Hopkinton Hillers score 3 runs on 8 hits and had 0 errors
Bellingham Blackhawks score 2 runs on 1 hit and had 3 errors

Watch Highlights of a great showdown below with postgame reaction from coach Dennis Baker J.r. and Juliet Hulme

2015 Hopkinton Little League Fundraiser

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Join us for a Night of Fun to Support HLL on Saturday, May 30th 7pm-11pm at the Portuguese Club in Milford.

The cost is $60 for one ticket or $100 for two. Each ticket admits 1 adult and includes:

o Buffet Dinner catered by Oliva’s
o 2 Drink Tickets
o Chances to win Cash Give-Aways!
o Exciting Auction Items and Sports Memorabilia!

Tickets can be purchased:

*online at
*ask any HLL coach and look for ticket sellers at the fields!

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Video: Hillers Baseball VS Medfield 5-1-2015

5/1/2015 Hillers (3-5) lost to Medfield (6-2) 11-2
Top 1st - Dean Adams RBI Single scores Jarrett Lee (1-0), Dean Adams scores on passed ball (2-0 Medfield)
Top 2nd - Jarrett Lee RBI Single scores Peter Vajentic (3-0), Dean Adams RBI Single scores James Voss (4-0), Josh Hirshfeld RBI Single scores Jarrett Lee (5-0), Ryan Schworer Sac FO scores Dean Adams (6-0 Medfield)
Top 3rd - Jarett Lee scores on Error (7-0), Lundon Johnson drives in George Sawan (8-0 Medfield)
Top 5th - Dean Adams Sac GO scores Jarett Lee (9-0), Josh Hirshfeld RBI single scores Lundon Johnson (10-0 Medfield)
Bot 5th - Drew Donohue scores on Wild Pitch (10-1), Cal Holland scores on Wild Pitch (10-2 Medfield)
Top 6th - George Sawan hits solo Home Run (11-2 Medfield)

Medfield (6-2) defeats Hopkinton (3-4) 11-2
Medfield: Ryan Schworer – CG, 1H, 2R, 8K’s
Medfield: George Sawan (2-3), 2R, HR, 1BB

Hillers Loved Mohawks

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The Hopkinton High Girls Varsity Tennis continue their streak of wins as they beat the Mohawks 5-0 at Millis High School.

Maddie Marques had her first varsity start of the year at #2 Doubles winning with partner Steph Pearson 6-3, 6-2. Elisabeth Cooperman blanked her opponent at #3 Singles 6-0, 6-0. Other winners were Olivia Anderson (#1), Zoe Komodromos (#2), and Laney Emerson & Devon LaMachia (#1 Doubles). The Lady Hillers are 12-0 overall and 9-0 in the TVL.

The Hillers stay on the bus and go to Medway for a 3:30 pm tilt on Wednesday.

Hillers Plunder Raiders 4-1

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Hiller Girls Varsity Tennis Team hosted a 4-1 victory against the Raiders from Wellesley.

Steph Pearson and Devon LaMachia teamed up at 2nd Doubles and won quickly by a score of 6-2, 6-0. Next off the court was #1 Singles player Olivia Anderson (6-4, 6-2) followed by #2 Singles player Zoe Komodromos (6-3, 6-0). Elisabeth Cooperman won the 4th point at #3 Singles (6-2, 6-1) in a match characterized by very long rallies.

Hillers remain 11-0, 8-0 in the Tri-Valley League. The Ladies will pack their gear and head to Millis on Monday for a league match up.


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