Welcome! Our after-school club brings you interesting people, events, and info from the Middle School. Our main project is "HMS Today", a morning news program, produced weekly and shown during homeroom on Tuesdays.

Welcome back to Fridays, HMS! We heard you missed seeing the Have You Seen This image on the show, and to be honest, it was a nightmare for us too. So, thanks to Mr. Keller, we're back on Fridays! And if that wasn't good enough, Mr. Rockwood's segment is back to Fun Fact Friday, boy did we miss that!

What's happening? Hey middle-schoolers, what's going on in your world? Send an email and tell us about something cool happening that we should cover, or suggest a teacher or student for our interview segments.

If you have questions, comments or complaints on what we do, or have a suggestion for something we should produce, email us!

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