Live Stream

Wednesday, 1 October, 2014

12:30am - Hopkinton Coffee Break
1:00am - Poetic Lines: Harris Gardner
1:30am - Great Gardens: House Plants
2:00am - Veterans Remember: John Cahill
2:30am - HCAM News
3:00am - Conservation Commission from 09/22/2014
6:00am - Absolutely Yoga
7:00am - Community Bulletins
8:30am - Poetic Lines: Harris Gardner
9:00am - Great Gardens: House Plants
9:30am - Veterans Remember: John Cahill
10:00am - HCAM News
10:30am - Hopkinton Coffee Break
11:00am - Bocce Throwdown 2014: Seniors vs. Hopkinton Police
12:30pm - Club Connection: Hopkinton Trails Club
1:00pm - Legacy Through the Generations: Story of Mary Beattie Harrington
2:00pm - Community Bulletins
3:00pm - Absolutely Yoga
3:30pm - Community Bulletins
5:00pm - Great Gardens: House Plants
5:30pm - Senior View: Tai Chi Demonstration
6:00pm - HCAM News
6:30pm - Attitude!: Women of the Clergy
7:00pm - Manager's Corner: Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Hanley
7:30pm - The Gathering: Thailand Trip Remembered
8:00pm - All About Hopkinton: The East Coast Jumbos
8:30pm - Business Matters: bCalm Yoga
9:00pm - Hopkinton Coffee Break
9:30pm - Community Bulletins
10:00pm - HCAM News
10:30pm - Community Bulletins

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