Manager's Corner

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Manager's Corner Monday, 9:00 PM Tuesday, 3:30 AM Tuesday, 11:00 AM Thursday, 3:00 AM

Manager's Corner is an HCAM series dedicated to bringing you the people who work and volunteer for our Town government. Departments heads, committee chairs, and others who work to make the quality of life in Hopkinton the best it can be. This series is hosted by Christopher McClure, IT Director for the Town of Hopkinton.
Local government is here for you. Manager’s Corner allows you to “meet” the diverse group of people who make your local Hopkinton government run.
This show advances our Town Government’s goal of increasing transparency, communication, citizen engagement and service.
Each month you will have the opportunity to see and hear the people who make up the various town departments, boards and committees. You will learn about them, the role and function of their departments and available services.
Manager’s corner will share the successes, challenges and plans of your local government to help keep you informed and involved in the decisions affecting you.
We also want to take advantage of some of our new communication technology. Manager’s Corner will be linked with the new website, relevant videos will be available on the different department pages, and we want to hear from you.
Christopher McClure’s email address is Please email feedback, questions and requests. He will use what you send to create a frequently asked questions page online and try and bring you topics, questions and guests you would like to see on the Manager’s Corner program.