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The Seizure Disorder

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If you saw someone immediately stop what they were doing and begin to stare off into space for several minutes, what would you think? Or if you saw a person suddenly fall to the ground and shake all over, what would you do?

In both cases, the person could be having a seizure, and you might be witnessing the effects of epilepsy, a neurological disorder that affects nearly three million Americans, half of whom are children.

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Baypath Pet Spotlight

Meet Kitty and Pumpkin, two kittens that need a home. If you are interested in adopting the, contact the Baypath Humane Society at 508-435-6938.

Get Your Ice On

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We're caught in a seasonal 'tween' time again. Winter has almost relinquished its grip on us. But, dirty snow banks and drifts still cover our yards. The half melted mush makes it almost impossible to enjoy a walk on our favorite trail. In a few more week most of the snow will yield to warmer temperatures and early spring rains, firmly leaving the outdoors in mud season.

Important Voter Information

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Present registered voters do not need to register to vote in order to vote at the Special Town Meeting or the Special Town Election. Only residents who have not registered to vote need to register. Registering to vote by March 8 will enable you to vote at both the Special Town Meeting and the Special Town Election. Please call the Town Clerk’s Office if you have any questions

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HPTA 50/50 Raffle

HPTA’s First 50/50 Raffle - Tickets on sale through March 13. Only 300 $100 Tickets will be sold for a total cash pot of $30,000*. $15,000* will go directly to HPTA’s Technology Fund for the Hopkinton Schools. $15,000* will be divided among 3 winning tickets!. Purchase a $100 ticket and you have 1 in 300 chance of winning $12,000! Purchase one ticket with 9 friends and your $10 investment could win you $1,200! Purchase one ticket with 4 friends and your $20 investment could win you $2,400! There is no minimum number of $100 tickets that must be sold, but the number of tickets sold will be capped at 300. The cash post will be $30,000 if all 300 tickets are sold. Cash award will be less (half the cash pot) if fewer tickets are sold. Tickets will be on sale from February 12 - March 13. Drawing will be held at halftime during The Harlem Wizards Event. For more information, go to

In Favor of Replacing Center School

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Center School needs to be replaced. Cramped quarters have forced specialists and their desks into hallways. The heating system is so inconsistent and antiquated that students have to wear coats in some rooms and T-shirts in others. There's not enough parking for staff, let alone parents and visitors. The bus loop is a traffic hazard on Ash Street and a safety hazard for children playing on the playground.

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Honoring the Spirit in Washington DC

In this HCAM News segment, Michelle Murdock talks with Tim Kilduff via phone from Washington D.C., where the Dustin Neece painting "Honoring the Spirit" is being unveiled.

ADA Oversight Committee Gets Down To Business

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A few short weeks after they were reestablished, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Oversight Committee is back at work addressing their ten year plan.

Board of Appeals Approves Permit For Legacy Farms

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Legacy Farms Project Manager Steven Zieff asked for and was quickly granted a Special Permit for road and water storage changes at Wednesday’s Board of Appeals meeting.

Speaking at the February 23rd meeting, Zieff said he was seeking relief for upgrading a gravel road that crosses over an existing floodplain. The new vehicle and pedestrian road would replace the gravel road with a paved road that would become part of the Legacy Farms road.

Meet Your Neighbor - An interview with Sterling Hager

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This is a reposting of Sterling's interview from May 2010


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