2018 Hopkinton Town Election Candidates

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View this years Hopkinton Town Election Candidates below.

Board of Selectmen (Two Seats)
Brian J. Herr
Patrick Atwell
Irfan Nasrullah

Board of Assessors (One Seat)
Lesley A. Ficarri

Board of Health (One Seat)
Michael James King
Richard P. Jacobs

Board of Library Trustees (One Seat)
Nanette A. Kenrick
Stanley D. Pulnik

Cemetery Commissioner (One Seat)
Thomas F. Pratt

Commissioners of Trust Funds (One Seat)
Janine Susan LeBlanc

Constable (One Seat)
Francis J. D'Urso

Commissioners of Parks and Recreation (Two Seats)
Robert T. Dobinski
Daniel F. Terry

Planning Board (Two Seats)
Deborah S. Fein-Brug
Mark J. Hyman
Mary E. Larson-Marlowe

School Committee (Two Seats)
Kristin A. Dykstra
Amanda F. Fargiano
Margaret B. Tyler