All Things Senior Center--Golden Tea

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Golden Friends--Alice Leal, Betty Brunetta and Viola MacKenzie

I’m running a bit behind because of a lot of “busy-ness” lately, but there’s one special event that happened at the senior center recently that I don’t want to miss writing about. A few weeks ago, the “Golden Oldies” of Hopkinton were treated to a very special tea party hosted in their honor by the Council on Aging Board Members. This annual “Golden Tea” is for any person in town age 80 and over, and by the show of attendance at the center that day, it certainly is a very popular event.

Each year, the members of the Council on Aging Board plan an afternoon where they can do something special just for the “over 80” seniors in Hopkinton. The tea party had been such a hit when it was first started at the “old” senior center in the basement of the town hall 15+ years ago, that the COA members have continued hosting this party every year since.

It’s such a lovely way for the members of the COA to honor all these seniors. It gives everyone a chance to reconnect with some of their friends from way back when and talk about the good ol’ days. Chairperson Carol Walsh said the best part of the afternoon is being able to chat with the seniors and listen to some of their stories.

The tables are brightly decorated with lovely napkins and plates, the pretty tea cups that are displayed on the hutches in the dining area, and beautiful floral centerpieces made especially for this occasion each year by the Hopkinton Garden Club members. During the afternoon, the COA members serve coffee, tea and a yummy dessert to the seniors. How about pound cake topped with ice cream and fudge sauce? That was a hit!

Cheers to the Council on Aging board for making this Golden Tea such a success and fun time every year. Since I’m a senior-in-training, I’m hoping that I’ll be around to be a part of this some day!

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