Ammunition Found in High School Triggers Early Release

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A single round of ammunition was found in a common area at the High School. This triggered the pre-established crisis response protocol. Students and Staff sheltered in place while the Early Release process was activated.

Hopkinton Police responded and provided security through the process and Dogs from the Massachusetts State Police, Environmental Police, Worcester Police and W.P.I. were brought in to assist in the search of the entire school. The Hopkinton Fire Department was mobilized and assisted throughout.

After a thorough search of the school no weapons or additional ammunition were found. We have no reason to believe that a weapon was actually on school grounds. The Hopkinton Police Department and the Hopkinton School Department takes every incident or threat as serious.

This incident demonstrates the value of preplanning. The coordinated efforts of the Crisis Response Team allowed for security protocols to be implemented and the efficient activation of the Early Release process.