Baypath Humane Society Video: Meet Chester!!

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Sometimes you come across one those dogs who is a true gem under a rough coat, and with some diligence, consistency, and a caring foster home, the shining dog underneath starts to come through. That is certainly the case with Chester!

This young dog spent the first year of his life with no home, getting bounced from place to place. He arrived here from Louisiana shaking and fearful. It was painful to see this dog we desperately wanted to help so terribly anxious.

We are so fortunate that foster volunteers Trish & Carl stepped up to care for him temporarily and help him overcome some of his fears. With the support of his foster family (and their own dog), Chester has made significant strides in learning to enjoy life as a loved and settled family member, including how to meet new people, to feel confident when left alone, and to demonstrate good manners in the home, including house-training. While this is a continuing journey for Chester, we can’t help but celebrate the amazing progress he’s made in the last several weeks!

He has shown tremendous resilience, and we can't wait to find him a home of his very own. If you have a patient, dog experienced family, and are looking for a notably affectionate and loyal dog, please consider giving this boy a home. Chester loves to snuggle and to catch balls (especially in mid-air!), and he will happily curl up at your feet or in your lap.

He will need help adjusting to spending time on his own, and our behavior team is happy to help support your family and Chester with this process. He would do best with a securely fenced yard that isn’t accessible to many people and dogs passing by. As long as he has access to regular physical and mental exercise typical for a young adult dog, he will settle and be calm around the house. He is house-trained, but will likely need a little help with consistency in the beginning. Since he sometimes doesn't like to share his things, we're recommending he live in a home for adults or older teens.

If you’d like to help Chester live the good life and be the companion he truly loves to be, please contact Baypath Humane Society at [email protected]. We look forward to answering any questions you may have!

ps. Check out Chester's heartwarming video!