Board of Health Discusses Administrator Position and Town Hall Renovations

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The Board of Health met Thursday, August 21st, to discuss new and old business relating to the board.

The board had intended to meet to discuss 6 Emma Drive; the homeowner is seeking to undergo new construction, but currently has a non-conforming septic system. This hearing was postponed, however, because board member Deborah Holbrook resigned from the Board of Health effective August 18th. Lacking sufficient board members to make a decision on the property, the board was forced to table the issue until a third member is found.

Instead, the Board of Health discussed internal issues pertinent to their own operations. They discussed the job title, job description, and possible pay grade for a new public health administrator. This position will open up at or about January 2015. They also considered the possibility of instating an executive committee for the public health task force in Hopkinton. The town's last task force was "burned out" after the H1N1 epidemic of 2009, and the board hopes to revitalize the group for future emergencies.

The board also discussed new business, beginning with upcoming renovations to Town Hall. Public Health Administrator Ed Wirtanen expressed concern that renovations to the basement might hinder access to the board's files stored there. They also entertained the possibility of moving the board's office closer to the records while renovations were also taking place.

The board also discussed possible new hours for town hall and what these new hours might mean for their clients. Wirtanen reported that the bacteria levels at Sandy Beach remain low. The board also discussed a possible future hearing for the Hawthorne retirement community in town.
The Board of Health is scheduled to meet next on September 9. They are seeking a third member to complete their board.