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HOPKINTON - Brian J Herr, Republican candidate for United States Senate, called on Congress to amend the Constitution and impose term limits on Members of Congress.

"We have real problems that must be addressed," said Brian Herr. "Unfortunately, the ideas coming from Washington - from both Democrats and Republicans - are the same tired policies that simply are not working. If we want new ideas in Washington, we must send new people."

Herr continued: "The Founding Fathers envisioned individuals serving our country then returning to their everyday lives. This is a far cry from today's reality, in which many Members of Congress have spent decades in those chambers."

"These career politicians talk endlessly about the struggles everyday Americans face, yet they avoid making the tough calls for fear of losing re-election. This hurts Massachusetts. We need our leaders in Washington to do what is right, not what is politically expedient."

"It is time to re-connect Washington, D.C. with the real world. It is time for Term Limits," concluded Herr.

Herr proposes to limit U.S. House Members to six two-year terms and U.S. Senate Members to two six-year terms. Recognizing the need for practical support from Incumbents, the change would not be applied retroactively to current Members of Congress but would begin upon their next election.

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