Chamber of Commerce: Zoning Advisory Committee Monday, November 9th at 7pm

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The Zoning Advisory Committee will also be holding a meeting tonight to discuss the Solar Overlay District and hear public comments related to that proposal.

Link to join:

Meeting ID: 893 3314 9330

Passcode: 106715

Call-in Phone Number: (646) 876-9923

The Zoning Advisory Committee encourages residents to attend this forum and provide ideas and proposals for amendments to the Zoning Bylaws, whether they are changes to regulations currently in place or entirely new regulations.

Zoom Details: To access the meeting click the link above. If you have technical issues with accessing the meeting, send an email to [email protected]. Your microphone will be muted upon entry and can only be unmuted by the Host. If you have a question or comment, use the “Raise Hand” function. The Chat function will only allow communication between you and the Host and should only be used to communicate technical issues.

All other questions or comments should be directed to the Planning Board through the “Raise Hand” function. Telephone-only participants can use the “Raise Hand” function by pressing *9.

For additional information and Zoom support, visit the general support page:

For telephone-only support information visit: