Class Placement 2014-2015

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Dear Elementary Parents,

The Elementary School faculties will soon be meeting to plan student placement for next year. At Center School, the team places students for Grades 1 and 2; at Elmwood School, the team places students for Grades 3 and 4; and at Hopkins School, the team places students for grades 5 and 6.

Class building is a team effort to which we devote a great deal of time and thought. Grade-level teachers, literacy and math specialists, special education teachers and related service providers, the ELL teacher, and school administrators all work together on the placement process. Your child’s current classroom teacher has the very best current information and rich insight concerning how each youngster works best in school. This information, combined with data from specialists, provides the basis for class placement. Our goals are t 1) Construct heterogeneous groupings; 2) Achieve balance across all classrooms with regard to academic levels, gender, students requiring support services, attention, and student behavior; 3) Maintain equitable class size across the grade level; 4) Combine student strengths for positive classroom chemistry and composition; 5) Continue to provide inclusive classrooms for students of all abilities; and 6) Create classroom communities that support student learning and achievement to the greatest extent possible. Please understand that the placement team is the decision maker in creating these assignments.

It is neither necessary, nor expected, that parents communicate regarding class placement. Information that we will consider should be centered on specific issues, particularly ones that the school is not already aware of. If you have a specific concern about your child that you wish the school to be aware of with regard to class placement, please contact your child’s respective building principal by Monday, April 1, 2014. Information received after this date may not be factored into placement decisions. Finally, please note that teachers will have access to the information you communicate with us to better help them place students during the process.

Please be reminded that requests for specific teachers cannot be accommodated due to the impossibility of satisfying everyone while creating balanced classes. Similarly, given the complexity and multi-faceted nature of the class placement process, we cannot accept requests that friends be placed together. It is our firm belief that each student will have his/her needs met.
We truly appreciate your ongoing help and support in our work to help your child have a successful elementary school experience.

Lauren Dubeau, Principal