Community Notice: Mandatory Water Use Restriction in Effect

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We are mandated by the town’s water management permit issued by the State, to limit nonessential
outdoor use, to protect stream flow, aquatic life and ensure sustainable drinking water. The town is
required to implement a MANDATORY State of Water Supply Conservation from May 1st through September 30th
,each year, pursuant to the town’s water use restriction by-law.

Under chapter 199-6 Section F; Lawn sprinklers may be used for lawn watering, two days per week,
outside of the hours of 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. All other outdoor non-essential use is permitted daily
outside the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. People residing in precinct one and three may water on
Tuesdays and Thursdays. Precincts two and four may water on Wednesday and Fridays. There
shall be no lawn watering on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. This only applies to those water
services connected to the municipal water system.

A normal lawn only needs about 1” of water per week. If rain is expected, or has just occurred then your
system should be shut off for the remainder of the week in order to avoid unnecessary and wasteful water
use. You should check to ensure that your system in not dispensing more then what is needed during a dry
week as well. Due to the twice per week restriction, the common belief is the sprinkler system needs to run
for extended hours to maintain a green lawn, which is not the case. Your irrigation company can set your
sprinklers to maintain the minimum amount required. It is only with each individual water user’s diligence
toward efficient water use, that we will be able to maintain safe water levels for drinking and fire protection
in case of prolonged drought. Please plan accordingly if you are trying to establish a new lawn, so that you
may comply with these regulations.

The following are the penalties for non-compliance with the Town’s water use restriction by-law.
Any person violating this by-law shall receive a written warning for the first offense. For the second
offense, any person violating this By-law shall be liable to the Town in the amount of $100.00. For
any violations beyond the second offense, water service may be suspended. Fines shall be
recovered by inclusion as a charge on the next scheduled water bill.

The Water Department will be keeping users apprised of the current restriction through several
methods. There are signs located throughout town at the following locations.
Location of Water Use Restriction Signs
1. Main St. @ Exxon
2. West Main @ Wood St. West Bound
3. Wood St. @ Westboro Line East Bound
4. Pond & Spring Intersection
5. South & West Main Intersection West Bound
6. Main @ Pleasant East Bound
7. West Main @ School West Bound
8. Ash @ Park South Bound
9. Hayden Rowe @ Tennis Courts South Bound
10. Hayden Rowe @ Chestnut North Bound
11. East Main St. @ TJ’S West Bound

We will also be utilizing the town websites, newspapers, cable TV and the CodeRed phone call
system for emergencies. You can also follow us on Twitter @hopkintonwater for instant
department updates. In addition you can subscribe to our notice feed here:!forum/watersewer to receive up to date

For a listing of your precinct please go to:
For tips on minimizing water use outdoors, please visit our web site @
If you would like to know if rain is on the way or how much rain we received so you can shut your
systems off, you can follow @hopkintonWX on Twitter or check the weather station readings
@ click on weather station

We thank you for your cooperation in helping to preserve our most important natural resource!