Community Preservation Committee Takes Requests

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The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) closed the book on any new project proposals at its scheduled meeting held on November 17. A number of new projects were added to the list and will be considered for CPA funds.

One of the more ambitious projects that was reviewed and quickly accepted by the group was the proposed Hopkinton Center for the Arts at 98 Hayden Rowe. The project would start with a major renovation of the Cultural Arts Alliance/Enter Stage Left (CAA/ESL) farmhouse building and barn. Following the initial project, a new ESL theater and HCAM studio would be built at the complex at a later date.

Businessman Chuck Joseph and Sandra Livis, Co-Executive Director of the CAA presented the plan to the committee as a matching funds proposal. CPA funds in the amount of $250,000, spread over two years, would pay for half of the project. The Hopkinton Community Endowment would also contribute $250,00 to fund the project.

“All the pieces are in place” said Joseph. “It will provide a community asset to the town.”

CPC Chairman John Coolidge liked the matching funds concept on the project.

“We’re the carrot,” said Coolidge.

Upgrades and repairs to the Center Trail were also proposed and placed on the list. A separate drainage control initiative and a resurfacing project were combined into one item. Peter LaGoy asked for CPA funds to resurface the trail with a permeable stabilized stone dust. LaGoy said the new surface would make the trial more usable and would be bike friendly. The project also makes sense if the trial is eventually connected to the Milford Bike Trail according to LaGoy. The combined request for the resurfacing and the drainage repair totaled $118,000.

Other trail projects were presented to the committee including parking and signage for Cameron Woods and Sylvan Way.

Funding is also being requested for two projects in the center of town. A $20,000 upgrade to the handicap ramp at the library was added to the list and restoring of the fountain on the Town Common.

Three properties owned by Nstar are also under consideration for purchase using CPA funds. Originally intended to be easement properties, the three parcels are valued at $1,000,000.

Reed Park is also on the list for enhancements. A new picnic area and a redesign of the access road is expected to cost $50,000.

As the window has closed for new funding requests, the CPC will reexamine and prioritize all the projects on the list. The committee’ s final list will then be presented as articles at Town Meeting in May.