Conservation Commission Reviews Deneen Road, Tammer Lane and others

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The conservation commission met Monday, July 28th, to continue old hearings and hear new proposals of environmental significance in Hopkinton.

The commission first reviewed their work session items. They took particular interest in the area of 16-20 Oak St; the commission found, through GIS surveying, that these properties have maintained lawns beyond the wetlands border in their backyards. The commission suggested sending a letter to the owners of these properties, informing them of their encroachment onto the wetlands and suggesting they plant wildflowers or other native plants in place of the existing grass.

Next, Henry Vumbaca, a local high school student, approached the commission for proposed development at 0 Deneen Road. Vumbaca is seeking to obtain his Eagle Scout badge, and proposed the development of a walking trail in the area around Deneen Road. Vumbaca sought approval for leaf and brush clearing, as well as the construction of a small footbridge over a stream. The commission approved his plan.

The commission then reviewed the property at 0 Tammer Lane and 215 Ash St. At the last meeting on June 23rd, the commission expressed concern about the hired consultant's finding that the water on the property was stagnant. Then, they suggested that the commission's scientist, Dr. Robert Ingram, visit the site with the consultant to confirm lack of water flow. Coming back to the commission, Ingram confirmed that there was no discernible water flow on the property; he visited with the consultant several times throughout the month of July and at no point found evidence of a flowing channel of water. The commission, with that knowledge, approved the resource area delineation.

Finally, the commission reviewed new plans for the 87 Wood St property. The committee was presented with new plans for the construction of a single family home on the property; at the last meeting, the property owners were asked to review their intended construction plans and modify them to lessen their buffer zone disturbance. The new plans call for the house to shift westward, while also moving the septic tank and driveway. Satisfied with the new plans, the commission approved the notice of intent for the property.

The conservation commission will meet again on Monday, August 11th, at 7:30 pm.