Coping With Bullies

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‘Just Ignore It’ Doesn’t Always Work in Situations With Bullies.

Teens being bullied at school are often advised, “Just ignore it.” But there are many things they can and should do.

Tell a teen coping with bullies to:
~Stay away. Most victims know where they are likely to meet the bully. Think of ways to avoid those situations.
~Avoid showing emotion. Bullies target kids who react.
~Walk away. It’s harder to bully someone who won’t stand still and listen.
~Find a friend. Bullies tend to pick on people who are by themselves. Make friends with other students. There really is safety in numbers.
~Talk with adults. The school staff can’t fix the bully problem if they don’t know it exists. Tell adults if someone is threatening you.

Parents need to watch for signs of bullying. Students who are victims are sometimes ashamed to tell their parents.

Source: Dr. Peter Sheras, “Understanding Childhood Bully Behavior," The Parents Journal.

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