COVID-19 Updates & Precautions May 20, 2020 update

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Previous updates and additional information and resources can be found here:

While Town Hall and municipal buildings are physically closed to the public, we are open for business. Many transactions can be completed online, and we are available via phone and email to assist during regular business hours. A full Town Directory can be found here. A box at the front door of Town Hall may be used to drop off correspondence, applications, etc., and they may also be mailed or emailed. Parks, Playgrounds and Playing Fields are closed.

As of 9:00 a.m. on 5/20/20, Hopkinton’s Health Department is reporting 111 total confirmed COVID-19
cases; 11 of those cases are active, with 87 recoveries and 13 deaths. You can see historical tracking
and updates on You can see historical tracking and
updates on Hopkinton’s Community Impact Dashboard:.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health COVID-19 weekly Dashboard - NEW UPDATE
Weekly update released on Wednesdays -
MA COVID-19 Test Site Locator - NEW UPDATE

MEMA, in coordination with the COVID-19 Command Center, has launched a website featuring an
interactive map with information about COVID-19 test sites in Massachusetts, including contact
information, address, hours of operation, website link, type of site, insurance coverage, and other
important information. It also includes a downloadable full list of test sites. All information is sourced from
site operators and healthcare providers. Information continues to evolve quickly, so those looking to be
tested are encouraged to contact sites prior to arrival. Many sites may also require pre-screening, a
referral, and/or an appointment.

COVID-19 Public Resources Map - REMINDER
MEMA, together with MA VOAD and other partners, has developed a COVID-19 Public Resources Map
showing the location of resources available to the public, such as food banks, houses of worship, and
Project Bread site locations. Please note that this map is not inclusive of all resources and is only as
accurate as the information that has been provided to MEMA.

Reopening Massachusetts:
Governor Baker’s Reopening Advisory Board released a significant amount of new information and
guidance earlier today. Some additional businesses are allowed to open during phase 1, although
specific standards must be met by these businesses prior to being allowed to reopen. Information on
those specific standards can be found at the top of page two of this document.
● Places of Worship: permitted to reopen on May 18, 2020
● Construction: permitted to reopen on May 18, 2020
● Manufacturing: permitted to reopen on May 18, 2020
● Offices spaces: permitted to reopen on May 25, 2020 (Boston: June 1, 2020)
● Laboratories: permitted to reopen on May 25, 2020
● Hair salons and barbershops: permitted to reopen on May 25, 2020
● Car washes; permitted to reopen on May 25, 2020
● Pet grooming: permitted to reopen on May 25, 2020

When can my business reopen?
Businesses operating to provide Essential Services, as defined in the Governor's March 23, 2020
Executive Order, updated on March 31, April 28 and May 15, may remain open and have until May 25,
2020 to comply with these mandatory safety standards. All businesses must meet these standards
before reopening:

● COVID-19 control plan template – Template that satisfies the written control plan requirement for

● Compliance attestation poster – Poster that customer facing businesses are required to print,
sign, and post in an area within the business premises that is visible to workers and visitors

● Employer and Worker posters – Posters that businesses can print and display within the business
premises to describe the rules for maintaining social distancing, hygiene protocols, and cleaning
and disinfecting.

Newly updated details regarding the Four Phased Reopening can be found here:

Read the full Reopening Report here:
The entirety of information released can be viewed here:

Youth Programs and Camps:
The CDC has released a Camp Decision Tree to help assist directors or administrators in making
(re)opening decisions regarding youth programs and camps during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is
important to note this is a guideline per CDC, and is to be used in addition to any orders issued at the
State or local level.
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