Did You Miss the HHS Drama Ensemble's One Act Play Festival?

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On Thursday, May 17th, the Hopkinton High School Drama Ensemble held their annual One Act Play Festival. Five plays, that were written and directed by the students, were featured.

The Book Club, written and directed by Kaylin Brentana and Ethan Ritterbusch and is about a mother and housewife, Nicole, and her husband, Mark, are moving into a new town. In an attempt to meet some new people Nicole joins a book club of local moms. However, she soon begins to realize that there is more to this book club than just cheese, crackers, and mom-gossip.

The Circus, concept and music by Kitty Richardson and choreographed by Lucy Medeiros is about Boy meets girl; boy loses girl; boy gets girl back. We’ve
all encountered this cliche within movies, books, TV shows and whatever else, but we often neglect to acknowledge the truth behind this stereotypical framework. So enjoy as we attempt to depict how relationships work in the real world through a whole lot of metaphor.

Through Your Eyes was written by Olivia Ozmun and directed by Elisa Dong & Olivia Ozmun and is about two close friends, who have drifted apart over the years, accidentally meet and are reminded of their past connections and experiences.

All the World's a Stage was written and directed by Bryce Foti and Karen Gallagher and is about a slightly angsty teen Macy Carpenter has another existential crisis, but this time, it’s a little more legitimate. She tries to convince her archetypical cast of friends and family that she hasn’t lost her mind. But, of course, the people behind her crisis have other ideas to keep the show on the road. Naturally, in this quest, hilarity ensues.

And finally, Coup d’État: An Instructional Guide was written and directed by Zach Ritterbusch and is described by Zach as a helpful instructional guide to help you overthrow your very own government.

All of the plays will air on HCAM-ED and are available anytime on the Playlist below.