Editorial: Endorsing John Coutinho for Select Board

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Dear Editor and fellow Hopkinton residents:

When it comes to establishing partisan division in our town, I ask you to NOT let “It all start here”.

I’m an “Unenrolled” voter (aka – Independent) and I’ve supported both blue and red candidates over the last decade and beyond. If anyone cares, I did not support the current administration in the last Presidential election.

That aside, there are times when I can understand people’s rationale for maintaining party lines when voting for our lawmakers at the national level. Those elected set our national policy and determine who is appointed to high-level and sometimes lifetime positions with the power to make pro-life/pro-choice types of decisions. It’s these people who have a say in how much money is collected for taxes and what programs are worthy of funding – without giving us any further voice than when we vote for them. Though we may not agree with everything they stand for (and most of us don’t), they can have a huge impact on our lives and the reputation of our country as a whole.

Similarly, at the State level our representatives affect a more localized set of laws and of course our State taxes in the same manner. Again, the only say the citizens truly have is when voting for the candidates.

Local politics, Hopkinton politics, is different. We are electing neighbors who we expect to take care of neighbors – regardless of the “I”, “R” or “D” next to their names. Most Hopkinton voters, regardless of affiliation, expect our elected officials to ensure our kids live in a safe town, have a best-in-class school system to learn and grow, and have well maintained fields to play on. We expect our elected officials to protect all taxpayers and take measures that don’t force people out of town if they are on fixed income. Our elected officials represent all neighborhoods and neighbors – regardless of age, race, creed, orientation or economic background.

The divisiveness of extreme partisan politics has frozen our government at upper levels. The merits of a bill don’t matter nearly as much as who proposed it. There’s no place or need for this in Hopkinton. Most of us want the same thing for the Town – regardless of party affiliation.

Now take a look at the candidates and ask if any have stood out in regard to their willingness to put the time and effort into improving Hopkinton. Do any have the experience and knowledge to help guide Hopkinton through the economic challenges that are sure to come as a result of the Covid-19 fallout?

The answer is simple for me. While both candidates for the Select Board care for Hopkinton, John Coutinho has a track record of working harder for Hopkinton than any other member of the Select Board in recent history. John has accomplishments that could fill an entire page in the newspaper. John listens and actively tries to help everyone in Hopkinton!

Don’t let divisive rhetoric spewed on social media blind you to the best candidate. Don’t let that brand of politics start here – we are One Town. Please join me in voting for John Coutinho on June 29th or earlier by absentee ballot.

Todd Cestari
19 Elizabeth Road

**This article was written by a group or person in the Hopkinton Community and does not reflect the views of HCAM or any of their Board Members or Employees.**