Editorial: Support for Ken Weismantel

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Mr. Weismantel has served on the Planning Board for over 10 years. During this tenure, he has been actively and intimately involved with the permitting of scores of projects and subdivisions in Town, including Legacy Farms; the largest build-out of undeveloped, rural land in MetroWest in decades. Mr. Weismantel has a deep understanding of the Town’s regulations and bylaws, practical civil and mechanical engineering experience relative to subdivision and commercial development, and institutional knowledge / seasoned experience gained through his long-standing service on the Planning Board, as well as many other Hopkinton and state committee’s and boards.

As Chair of the Conservation Commission, I’ve worked with Mr. Weismantel on many of these projects. While we are not always in agreement, I attest that he is collaborative, diligent, thorough, open-minded and has a genuine concern for managing responsible growth and preserving the rural character and open space in our Town.

In my view, Mr. Weismantel’s continued service on the Planning Board is critical. Practical experience, institutional knowledge, relationships with other Town committees, and negotiating skills are paramount to successfully leading the Planning Board and working with developers. The tenure of current members of the Planning Board is less than three years. In my view, this limited experience is not adequate to fully understand the complexity, intricacies and nuances of proposed development and to work with developers to ensure interests of the Town are properly addressed.

Mr. Weismantel’s continued service on the Planning Board will provide leadership and continuity, ensure developers of long-duration projects meet their obligations / commitments to the Town, and provide the opportunity for him to transition his knowledge and experience to the new members of the Planning Board.

Jeffrey Barnes
23 Amherst Rd
May 14, 2017