Editorial: Supporting Frank Sivo

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Frank Sivo and I worked together on the Criteria Working Group a few years ago. The group was set up to help determine potential future needs for the Town of Hopkinton School System. I enjoyed working with Frank and I found many qualities in him that I felt made him a very good manager, leader, and decision maker.

I found him to be very objective and he looked at both sides of the issue prior to making any determination of what his position was. He was a volunteer who was committed to the cause and the outcome.

I know Frank has four children that are in the Hopkinton School system and he has a sincere commitment to being a major contributor to the future of Hopkinton schools. I found Frank to be intelligent and very methodical in his thinking and decision making process.

Frank comes to his conclusions based upon the facts presented to him. If he does not have the fact, he finds them. Frank looks at the total picture, not just one individual aspect of a problem.

I would want to have Frank working alongside me in making decisions that were critical to my success.
I strongly endorse Frank Sivo for school Committee.

Ben Chirco
147 Lumber St.