Editorial: Supporting Frank Sivo

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Top 10 Reasons to Elect Frank Sivo to Hopkinton School Committee

#10: Coalition builder - It is rare that the leadership of Hopkinton's Republican AND Democratic parties support the same candidate. Thank you Ken, John, Muriel, and Dick for your support!

#9: Community experience - With 20 years experience in the community and our schools, I promise to make decisions which carefully weigh the interests of our entire community.

#8: Experience with Center School - Through my membership of the Elementary School Building Committee in 2012, I have a deep understanding of the history, the options, and the priorities of this critical project. I will make sure the town implements the best solution, at the best cost....as quickly as possible.

#7: Data-driven decision maker - As an engineer, management consultant, and executive (BS/MS Engineer, MBA, Six Sigma Master BlackBelt), I always insist that decisions are made based on facts and analysis, not emotion, preconceived notions or personal interests. If elected, I will bring a new level of rigor to SC discussions and raise the bar for proposals coming from administration.

#6: Problem solver - I believe in objectively and transparently measuring and analyzing our schools performance. When problems are detected, I will insist on corrective actions from administration. An example: over the past three years, SAT math performance for female students has steadily declined (30 pts in three years). We need SC members who detect, understand and insist problems like these are addressed quickly.

#5: Experience with budgets - As a member of the Appropriations Committee and liaison to the School Committee I deeply understand all aspects of the Schools' and Town's budget. There is no open checkbook. I will insist we spend every tax dollar wisely. Further, I will insist the School Dept. adopt multi-year, zero-based, operating and capital budgets to avoid "big ticket" surprises each year.

#4: Strategic planner - As both an executive and management consultant, I have led major corporate and public sector organizations through strategic planning and execution processes. I am worried that our current strategic planning process is being led by the administration, not our elected officials (SC). I hope to introduce process, experience, and leadership to create a strategic plan which has a compelling vision and an execution plan supportable by our town's finances.

#3: Transparency - For the past few years, the SC has not been transparent with our community. On several occasions, key discussions and decisions made by the SC in executive session were withheld from the community. I am proud to have challenged the SC for greater transparency as a citizen. As an SC member, I will continue to advocate for information/decision transparency and truthful communications.

#2: Independent - I am running because I feel strongly that we need more truly independent volunteers serving on the School Committee. I have no agenda to advance. I am not connected to special interest or advocacy groups. I will not be a part of any "voting block". And, I will judge every issue before the Committee thoughtfully and objectively.

#1: Signs - Those darn red signs are so mesmerizing! Vote for SIVO on May 19th!

Frank Sivo