Editorial: Supporting Frank Sivo

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As some know, I’ve spent over 30 years providing education and training in technical fields, to both adults, world wide; and to children, locally. As was written to me some years ago, “It is rare to find a technical person who has excellent [communication] skills.” Frank Sivo is such a person, bringing an understanding of the technical skills needed by our students, and the communication skills required to persuade both the Community and our school administrators of the critical need to include STEM skills in Hopkinton’s education program.

Ensuring all our students have many opportunities to explore all the facets of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics included in the ‘classical’ STEM curriculum, and also the hands-on skills so important in developing technological and engineering knowledge, we need a person with technological knowledge on our School Committee.

I ask you to join me in supporting Frank for School Committee


Edwin E Harrow