Editorial: Supporting Frank Sivo

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Letter to the Voters of Hopkinton:

The School Committee is one of the most important committees in town government. They spend the largest portion of our budget and the set policy for the education for our precious children. The performance of our school system greatly influences our property values. It is critical that we pick experienced and knowledgeable persons to set priorities and policy for our schools.

Rarely do we have a candidate that has the qualifications and experience that Frank Sivo has for this position. He is 20 year resident of Hopkinton with a history of public service and has actively worked to make our schools better.

1.Frank Sivo knows the details of the school budget and the town budget process as he currently is a member of the Appropriations Committee and the liaison from that committee to the School Committee.

2. Frank Sivo was a member of the Criteria Working Group for Center School . This committee developed the criteria and he fully understands the criteria to be used in evaluating the decisions to be made on the solution to the shortfalls of Center School facilities. This will be a major capital project to be considered by the town in the upcoming year.

3. Frank Sivo was a former board member of the special education advisory group SPEAC. How we provide for the needs of these students has major impacts the budget and our school ranking.

4. Professionally Frank Sivo is a Vice President at a large bio pharma services company and has experience in operations and strategic management. With an engineer and management education, he analyses data to come to decisions and practices continuous improvement. Frank Sivo understands the importance of setting strategic goals, developing plans and programs to implement the goals, measure progress against the goals, reset the plans and programs if we are not achieving our goals.

If you are not convinced that Frank Sivo is the most knowledgeable school committee candidate, go to his website http://www.sivoforsc.org and see his positions on the criteria issues facing our school system.

His campaign theme…. Great Schools, Managed Well …describes what I want from our schools. I hope you join me in voting for Frank Sivo for School Committee on Monday, May 19th.

Ken Weismantel
145 Ash Street