Editorial: Supporting Kelly Knight

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Please join us in voting for Kelly Knight for Hopkinton School Committee.

We have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly and her family for the past 4 years and believe that her skills are exactly what the School Committee will benefit from right now.

In her job as a Program Manager, Kelly is able to develop clear plans, problem solve, and deal with issues that arise efficiently and objectively all while keeping the big picture of the project in mind.

Kelly has been serving on the Hopkinton Zoning Board of Appeals. In this role she has dealt with gray areas by interpreting information and negotiating a maze of potentially delicate situations. All sides have some valid points to make, but consideration needs to be given to the rights of the property owner, what is best for the town, and interpretation of the bylaws in order to make the best overall judgement.

Kelly's critical thinking and judgement skills will be an asset for our school committee. Please join us in voting for Kelly Knight on May 19.

Ed Johnson & Anne Burtenshaw

132 Lumber St.