Editorial: Supporting Kelly Knight

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I am supporting Kelly Knight in her candidacy for Hopkinton School Committee. We have known Kelly, our neighbor, since the day she first moved into the neighborhood. As a fellow professional woman and mother, the key traits of Kelly that immediately jump to my mind as being absolutely critical for a member of the School Committee are empathy, commitment, curiosity, and ability to communicate.

Empathy: Kelly cares about the ideas and feelings of others, and she will take the time to actively listen to the issues and concerns the community has surrounding our schools. She will take the time to understand her customers, Hopkinton citizens.

Commitment: School Committee members must earn the public’s trust, and must continue to uphold that trust. This requires understanding what concerns the public and being extremely open and honest with the community.

Curiosity: Kelly doesn’t care about the status quo and neither should any School Committee member. The goal should be continuous improvement. If we believe our schools are doing fine, they can be good. If good, they can be great. What will it take to get us there? Kelly will be an asset to the town in helping drive the Hopkinton School District to greatness. She will accomplish this by asking questions, by seeking answers, and by exploring new ideas.

Communication: Communication is key to this role! What are the issues at hand, what progress is being made, what meetings are public, when can I find out about the topics that interest me. Kelly will keep us all informed.

I encourage you to join me in supporting Kelly Knight for School Committee on May 19th!

Andrea Abernathy

22 Hidden Brick Road

Hopkinton, MA