Editorial: Supporting Kelly Knight

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I have known Kelly for the last 5 years and am constantly impressed by her dedication to her children, her career and her community. Kelly is reasoned and pragmatic. She will never make a decision without being well-informed, educated and willing to hear all sides of the issue.

These attributes will enable sound decision making. She is also open and candid. This means the community will not have to guess at what she is thinking. She will tell us. Let's take advantage of her stepping up and elect her.

As a community, and as individuals, we are diverse. We have varying needs and wants. We will not always come to the same conclusions and we cannot expect that of any candidate. But, what we should expect is a sound process and we should vote for the decision maker we trust. We are fortunate to have Kelly as a candidate for School Committee.

Please join me in voting for Kelly Knight on Monday, May 19th.

Nila H. Gray

Nila H. Gray
2 Lyn Path