Editorial: Supporting Kelly Knight

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I have lived in Hopkinton for 20 years and met Kelly in 2009 when she and her family moved in across the street. I was delighted to find that my new neighbor was a friendly, intelligent, outgoing person with a wonderful sense of humor and a commitment to civic engagement. As I have gotten to know Kelly better over the past five years, I have come to admire and respect her many outstanding qualities, and heartily endorse her for election to School Committee.

Kelly has the skills and temperament needed for effective School Committee leadership. She is intelligent, positive, and thoughtful; open-minded and objective; engaged in the community; and dedicated to her family and the town. Kelly has been a supporter of the schools since she arrived in Hopkinton, and has been actively involved with the Zoning Board of Appeals for the town for the past 4 years.

Kelly is a thoughtful listener and an effective communicator who seeks creative solutions to problems. She thoroughly researches the details while maintaining a sense of the big-picture objectives. I learned much about Kelly’s perseverance and problem-solving skills when she and I investigated installing solar panels on our homes during the MassSolar program in town two years ago.

The technical and financial details of this new program were complex, and after careful research Kelly decided to invest in solar panels. The initial conclusion of the town’s solar contractor was that her property was not well suited for solar. However, Kelly persevered and worked with the solar contractor to find a solution that made installation both feasible and cost-effective.

I have seen Kelly’s commitment and creative problem-solving abilities in action and know that she will apply the same dedication and creativity to meeting the needs of our children and our town in her role as a member of the School Committee. Please join me in voting for Kelly Knight for School Committee on May 19. Thank you.

Wanda Ratliff
4 Ledgestone Drive