Editorial: Supporting Kelly Knight

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As a resident of Hopkinton for over 19 years, with 4 children, I have witnessed tremendous change and growth to the Hopkinton School System. During my families' tenure here we experienced the growth of Hopkinton from a small, sleepy little rural community, to a bustling suburban town. My children have benefited tremendously; the addition of Hopkins school, the New High School, and the expansion of new programs and classes have helped insure that our children's future and education ,literally " all starts here!". With growth and change, difficult decisions are required , all of which need to be well thought out, and planned for success.

Hopkinton will continue to grow and change. For continued success, our school committee will need to manage and plan for growth. I believe Kelly Knight will serve our school system well in managing and planning the tough decisions moving forward. Kelly is a professional program manager. She understands the successful execution of programs requires gathering facts, listening to all viewpoints and developing a plan which includes time-lines, efficient budgets and optimal use of people and resources. She understands effective leadership requires transparency in all communications and decisions. And all projects require dedication, hard work and passion to insure success. Much is changing in Hopkinton, but let us insure that the change is for the better, and is well thought out, planned and managed.Please join me in support of Kelly Knight for School Committee. A new voice for transparency, planning and management of our town's great school system.

-Dana Hall