Editorial: Supporting Lori Nickerson

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We moved to Hopkinton nearly four years ago with a goal of becoming more involved in our community and building long-lasting friendships for our family. As our young children grow and look forward to reaching school-age, we have become more involved in watching and participating in School Committee meetings as well as learning about town politics. It can be a mystery to newcomers to learn the intricacies of town government, but one thing we have already learned is that choosing the right people for School Committee is vitally important. For this reason, we support Lori Nickerson and hope you will join us in voting for her on May 19.

Over the past few months, we have come to know Lori well and have been impressed by her passion for Hopkinton, her dedication to her family, and her desire to enrich our schools. As a corporate attorney representing publicly traded companies, Lori has invaluable experience understanding the financial ramifications of each decision and will bring a fresh perspective to the group. Additionally, Lori is committed to making sure that the School Committee enhances its communication with the residents of Hopkinton.

As residents and taxpayers, it is our duty to participate in the political process and to learn about our candidates in order to make an informed decision when we cast our ballots. We invite you to get to know Lori, through “Lori Nickerson for School Committee” on Facebook and throughwww.LoriNickersonSC.com where you’ll also find dates for upcoming opportunities to meet Lori in person.

Please join us in voting for Lori Nickerson, a strong, committed candidate, on May 19.


Amy & Mark Cafazzo

2 Old Farm Rd.