Editorial: Supporting Lori Nickerson

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We are writing in support of Lori Nickerson for School Committee.
When Lori and her family moved to Hopkinton, she quickly sought opportunities to dedicate her time and energy to the schools. Without having children in the school system at the time, she began volunteering for the HPTA. Before she decided to run for School Committee, she attended and actively participated in School Committee meetings. She now sees an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to her community, and will do it with conviction, with passion and with a reasonable and rational approach that considers all perspectives and weighs all risks with the possible rewards.

Last Saturday Lori showed commitment as she stood with supporters on the corner of Grove and Main for four cold and rainy hours, so that she could engage residents in conversation about her ideas to make ALL of Hopkinton’s schools the strongest they can be. She seeks your votes on May 19 not so that she may add a new line to her resume, but so that she may put her unwavering passion for education to work for ALL students in Hopkinton, from kindergarten through high school.

Lori is the candidate who will put students first while carefully weighing the benefits AND the costs to the taxpayers. She is charged with doing a similar analysis every day in her capacity as an attorney. She is pragmatic and understands the fiduciary responsibility that comes with being a School Committee member. She will approach every issue from multiple perspectives: business person, taxpayer, resident and, last but certainly not least, parent.
Everyone with a child in the school system should want Lori to represent them on the School Committee because it is of the utmost importance to her that the schools achieve everything they are capable of under Dr. MacLeod’s leadership. And everyone who pays taxes in Hopkinton should want Lori to have a seat at the table because she does her homework, she analyzes situations from every angle, and she will make it her number one priority to be transparent, responsible and engaged with the community. She will work with her team on the School Committee and with Dr. MacLeod and her staff to ensure that people are heard and students get what they need.

Lori is driven. Lori is engaged. She does nothing halfway. If you believe in transparency and you want someone who is going to fight for what is in the best interest of the schools, the students and the community, we encourage you to vote for Lori Nickerson on May 19.

Mark and Danielle Owens
15 Walcott Street