Editorial: Supporting Lori Nickerson

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We confidently recommend Lori Nickerson for the position of School Committee member. Knowing Lori, we are positive that she possesses the right skills and background to be an effective leader on the School Committee. As a corporate attorney, a parent, and a volunteer, Lori has a track record of analyzing complicated issues, being a fiduciary of large investments and assets, as well prioritizing competing initiatives. In all she does, Lori exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Lori will use those qualities to create an atmosphere of openness in the School Committee. In the next three years, the School Committee will need to make many critical decisions including, how to solve the Center School problem and how to continue Hopkinton’s strong history of high performing schools. We need people on the committee who will approach problems with openness and critical thinking. Lori fits this description perfectly. To ensure that we continue to make smart investments in Hopkinton’s schools, we ask you to vote for Lori Nickerson on Monday, May 19 at Town Election.